Hi, my name's Gracie. I could happily live the rest of my life eating nothing but cream crackers, I love it when my mum calls me Rory, May 2010 was the best time of my life, I am paranoid that my hands are abnormally large, my dream is to one day get paid to write a blog, an Irish accent makes my clothes fall off, I can stay up until 2am doing absolutely nothing, if you take something away from me I will want it more, I never want my "magic number" to go into double digits, Ed Sheeran sings me to sleep, I've given up on becoming an actress, I believe in fate, I am the queen of the silent treatment, I have a love-hate relationship with alcohol, I always pull the same facial expression in photos, I really really want to be a feminist, I hate being left out, and I think we're more alike than you realise.

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