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She's a .com girl again.

Well, it's been a weird old journey, you know. I've had a few different URLs and platforms - a few of them still exist, pending a grand cathartic technical takedown at some stage - but I'm finally back where I started all those years ago in the college LRC; back where I belong, where I'm happy and comfortable... Blogger. Ah, my old friend. How I missed you, and your very efficient and perfectly limited space. The orange buttons, simple fonts, and box for tags - separated by commas - that I'm still not sure actually do anything.  I'm here. I'm back. And that's all that matters. (alt text is available! good work, Blogger) Onwards! What have we missed? I have a new chronic condition to add to the roster (post on that to come... maybe? I make no promises at this stage, I've only just fixed my wheels back on), new jobs(s - will I ever have just one? Doubtful), a new home (shared with a hyperactive cat and an obscenely intelligent man), more hair, nicer c

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