I've done the "going out and getting messy" thing. I've done it to death. I've downed drinks, danced madly, drunk-dialed and staggered home a million times. Right now, I am perfectly happy to stay in, snuggle down in bed in my PJs and slipper socks, and watch How I Met Your Mother.
I know this is basically unacceptable and ineffable behaviour as a university student, and I'll probably be indebted to my more socially-orientated friends for the rest of the week if not the whole semester, but right now I couldn't care less. I've had a rough couple of days, and every part of my body is screaming for comfort and rest. After weeks of pushing myself to limit, I feel I deserve this. x

PS: There is currently a vacancy for a person to accompany me on these particular nights. Must be cuddly, funny and have a decent taste in movies. Apply within.


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