The Eve.

I'm sitting on the sofa watching the Miranda Christmas Special with my family. The cat is snoozing on top of the sofa, ruining my mum's hard work hoovering by getting his ginger fur everywhere. A bowl of half-shelled Brussels sprouts sits on the coffee table. My little sister is slumped next to me, gulping down her second glass of straight Disaronno. She has a sure-fire plan to ensure she sleeps through the night tonight: several glasses of Disaronno, a handful of extra-drowsy travel sickness tablets, reading in bed until her eyes get tired, then playing relaxing music on her mp3 until she drifts off. I, on the other hand, will be lying wide awake in bed until 5am - at which time I'll fall asleep for one hour before my well-rested sister comes into my room at 6am with her stocking and we wait patiently for 7am to arrive, which is when we're allowed to wake up our parents.

I've spent the day delivering cards, playing festive music and going to a special Christmas Zumba class at the gym with a few friends. This evening I went to my little town's annual Christingle service, for the giggles; every year we go along as a family, belt out the hymns and eat all the sweets off our Christingle before we've even left the church. After the service we hit the pub (getting semi-drunk with your parents is always fun), and then we come home and set to the last of the Christmas tasks; setting the table for Christmas dinner, wrapping the last of the presents and exchanging family cards.

So yeah, this is a generic "Christmas traditions, family stuff, exciting times" post. You'd think I'd be sick of reading these by now, and yet here I am writing one of my own. And y'know what, I'm willing to bet I'll be writing a Christmas Day post tomorrow... x


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