Hi, my name's Gracie. I will always drink "just enough so I can dance", I will most likely be homeless next year, I love Ikea, I can be a really terrible judge of character, my hair is currently half-purple half-brown, I have never eaten meat in my life, I have no idea whether I am a "girlfriend" girl or a "casual" girl, I am currently holding two grudges, saying you read my blog is one of the best compliments you can give me, if something gets too difficult for me then I usually walk away, I take meaningless offhand comments way too seriously, I have a Douchebag Jar in my bedroom, I love surprising people, London Underground confuses me, my morals are a little shaky, after university I plan on running away to Australia, I have been single for a year, I never take my own advice, I am forever in love with Amaretto, I once stole a Starbucks mug, I'm a difficult person to be with, and I appreciate those who try.

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