Hi, my name's Gracie. I am buying a pet tortoise soon, I have recently discovered I am a jealous person, I desperately need a job, I believe life is much better when you have purple hair, I can be swooning one minute and bitching the next, when I'm upset I delete annoying people off my Facebook, the movie Donnie Darko repeatedly blows my mind, I have had car sex, it's my birthday in 43 days, I could watch the musical Wicked a million times, I make excellent nachos, my dream is to have someone write a song about me, I love the idea of working out but in reality I am too lazy to even get in my car and drive up the road to my gym, I am romantically attached to my SLR camera, every day I become more and more like my mum, I hate writer's block more than anything in the world, I love anything retro, I let the littlest things upset me, I am at home for the summer, and I'm completely lost.

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