I'm here. (Again)

(Almost) One year on from my post "I'm here", I'm here again. Back in Winchester, my second home that I now refer to as simply "home", the city that's really more like a town, about to start a new year of university. Except this time I'm sitting in the living room of a bright red house in the student estate down the road from campus, rather than in the bedroom in the student village at the top of the hill on campus, and I'm starting my second year instead of my first; I'm a Fresher no more, now I'm ancient and responsible and ready for anything. This is the year when the Real Stuff starts.

I didn't cry when my parents left, although I had a longer-than-necessary hug with my mum and stared at my family photo on my windowsill for a while after unpacking in my teeny little room. I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on food and cooked myself a few meagre meals, I'm carrying my phone iPhone charger with me everywhere as well as a bottle of Archers, I've spent our internet-less days watching Friends and several seasons of Jersey Shore with the new housemates, and painting my nails with my housegirl while gossiping. We've met our landlord, laughed at his cheeky jokes and made him a cup of coffee (black with sugar), made a list for the handyman, done all the boring bank/bills/letting agent stuff, and figured out where the recycling bin is. I've been wandering back and forth between my place and friends' places down the road, up the hill, round the corner and two doors down; I definitely miss being across the street from one another in our little village, but I'll get used to it eventually. Having no internet for a week was surprisingly easy - I barely had any withdrawal symptoms. I've been drunk and disorderly with my favourite people several times already. The bathroom is tiny and the ceiling above the shower has a dangerous slope to it, so I am crouching/leaning while I wash my hair. We've recently found out that the previous tenants of this house sold drugs, were busted by the police, broke everything there was to break, and filmed amateur porn in my housemate's downstairs bedroom (her room had previously been dubbed The Nunnery, but due to this revelation it is now The Sex Dungeon). My mum has sent me my first care parcel, containing keyrings and a fold-out brush. I spent a fortune in Ikea beautifying my room; red heart-shaped fairy lights and scented candles are essential items for a student's bedroom.
I'm currently writing three blog posts at once. It's good to be back.


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