Multiple theatrical identities.

So, I am currently rehearsing for the (amazing) (awesome) (insane) play 'When It Rains Gasoline', to be performed this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Then, Saturday, I start rehearsals for 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.
   I'm actually really happy that the rehearsals start so soon after 'Gasoline', because then I don't have too much of a sad post-performance period. It'll be strange going straight from a modern American play to an ancient Shakespeare, but in a good way. Also, at least five other people from 'Gasoline' are going to be in 'Midsummer' with me, so I won't even get a chance to miss working with them. The people I'll miss most, aside from the (amazing) (awesome) (insane) crew working on 'When It Rains Gasoline', are the characters; the jocky boys, the gamer nerds, the quiet insecure "queer", and my cheerleaders. I'll miss them as much as I'll miss the actors who play them.

It sounds like a terribly poncey actor thing to say, but... I love being several different people at once. Especially when those people are so completely different to me.
   Alysa, from 'Gasoline', is your classic head cheerleader Queen Bee plastic fantastic beyotch. She calls the other kids losers and dorks, dumps all her boyfriends when she gets bored, ditches one of her best friends when she gets into some trouble, and is constantly encouraging her other bestie to lose her virginity. I love being her, and she's one of those characters that you can never take too far.

Alysa; head cheerleader, lover of pink lipstick, supreme bitch.

   Robin Starveling/Moonshine is my role in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. I read Moonshine in the audition, and made everyone giggle with my best "stoopid" voice. "I th' man in th' moon..." I can't wait to see what that character will be like. Despite it being a small role in a massive production, I'm just delighted to be involved, the concept and script is fantastic and I'll be having fun the whole way through.

I auditioned for two musicals this term, to no avail - cementing my belief that while 
I can act at a push, I am no singer; I can sing in the bathroom or the kitchen, but not onstage. That's fine by me. Singing seems to me like such a vulnerable, intensely personal thing... I hate singing in front of people (if I sing in front of you, be honoured), and I don't know why I decided for even a moment that I could do it onstage. Acting is different; I can have fun and be utterly un-vulnerable, wrapped in the guise of someone else.

Anyway. I used to want to be an actor, before I realised that I had to be a writer. Not as in "they made me do it", as in "I HAD to do it or I'd die". Yet, here I am in two plays. Loving it. And this time Friday night, I'll be saying goodbye to Alysa. This time Saturday night, I'll be Moonshine. C'est la vie.

Photos of the play(s) will be added later! :)


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