Thankful for...

Skinny vanilla lattes in Caffe Nero. Completed essays. The blackout blind I have over the window in my bedroom. Radio 1 in the morning. Rimmel Urban Purple nail polish/Barry M silver glitter. How I Met Your Mother. The Uni Student Confessions pages on Facebook. The Forage & Find antique 'n' unique jewellery stall. YouTubers. My fabulous hairdresser. John Green books. PostSecret. Payday. The two-minute silence on Remembrance Day. Carrie Hope Fletcher T-shirts. My cat.

Having food in the cupboards. Getting a part in a fantastic play, and working with some seriously talented people. Being offered two jobs in the same week, and having to turn down two more offers. My inspiring lecturers. People setting me back on my path when I'm lost. Having a magical family who supports me in everything I do. My new life away from home. My Mum texting me every day. My beautiful family in Australia, and being able to visit them so often. The way my little sister writes statuses on Facebook with a million hearts and kisses. Lovely friends, people I can text when I'm feeling down, get tipsy with, order pizza and be irresponsible with. People who read my blog. Opportunities for something better.

Tonight, when I'm eating pasta and watching 'Slapsgiving', 'Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap', plus all the Thanksgiving episodes of Friends, I'll be thinking about all these things, big and small, that I am thankful for.


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