Hi, my name's Gracie. Winter is my favourite time of year, I have some serious money troubles right now, mint hot chocolate is my new favourite thing, London calls me from time to time, I have a lot of leftover pizza in the fridge, I'm in two Shakespeare productions, my little hometown is always there for me, Soap & Glory is my unhealthiest addiction, hugs from my Mum are a miracle cure, I've given my secrets to Frank Warren, inconsistency is my least favourite thing, I'm a few weeks behind on How I Met Your Mother, my friends from home are inexplicably wonderful, going on long drives is how I deal with things, next year I want to make everything right, CSI is perfect, I try to take breaks from blogging, but I always come running back.

I do one of these posts every month.


  1. These "one of these posts" are amazing. Just love them and, honestly, i've only read from 14 till this one.

    Actually, i found out about you, this blog and 'these posts' throught a wild image search on google images which that 14.Facts picture came up.

    Since you also like coincidences, i'm pretty sure this song i discovered (and kept listening) just a little before discovering you is meant for you (too).


    (Happy Valentines)


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