Hi, my name's Gracie. I love T'ing D, I think my family should buy a pub, Crunchy Bran is a true love of mine, vodka has an interesting effect on me, time travel is my dream, I fancy Shakespeare, my family rock harder than yours, I'm on that Mumford & Sons hype, I can watch Gilmore Girls in bed all day, I'm sad about Richard Briers, my best friends are all I need, I've given up chocolate and cheese for Lent, Australia is the perfect escape, I have met John and Hank Green, I miss him, musicians are my weakness, getting my hair done is a very guilty pleasure, I want to work behind a bar at some point in my life, I try too hard, I push too much, I don't know when to stop, I never know when to leave things alone, and I'm apologetic but I'm not sorry.

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