Hello, old friend.

I'm aware that I've said it before, but I'll say it forever if I have to: I believe in fate. I'm one of those people. I think that sometimes we are given a little helping hand when we need it most. I whole-heartedly believe that signs appear everywhere, strategically put in place to help us with difficult decisions, to suggest the path we should follow; be it whether or not we should go out to the SU one night, which career is best for us, whether we should give a friend another chance or get out while we still can...

It was fate that helped me with my decision to go to university. I got my results at college and freaked out ever so slightly because I'd fallen short of my offer by a few measly UCAS points... Of course the phone lines were jammed and the UCAS website was falling apart, but I persevered and called the university itself; "hello, I've just got my results and I'm not sure if I've qualified for my place or not..." I gave them my name and waited (im)patiently while they checked.
   "Ahh yes Grace, well actually your offer was changed to Unconditional yesterday! Congratulations, we definitely still want you!"
   The whole experience was terrifying, but it opened my eyes to the fact that I really, really wanted to go to university after all. I'd been cushioning myself for the inevitable fall for the whole summer, telling my family that I wasn't that fussed and if need be I'd just go straight into the working world, no big deal. My parents had been worried, obviously wanting the best for me; my friends were concerned and urging me to take things more seriously, but nothing had worked. Not until the day I thought I really definitely hadn't got in. It was the wake up call I needed. One of my many brushes with fate, and this was a big'un.

Fate is not, in my opinion, some hippy-shit cosmic script we have to abide by. It's merely a kind friend whispering in our ear. Sometimes it's subtle, like when you pick up your phone and in that very instant, that all-important person calls. Sometimes it's more obvious, for instance when you open your front door and it suddenly starts pouring with rain outside. And sometimes it's a little something just for you; like your favourite song being played at the exact right moment.


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