I Overthink Things: Chemistry.

I'm a massive believer in Chemistry; the kind between people. It exists. There are some people I'll always get on with, always feel that little spark with, and always feel better when they're around. I feel it when I'm talking to them; when I'm actually engaged in the conversation and coming back with quick, snappy responses rather than apathetic replies, when I'm being especially funny or witty because that's the effect this person has on me. When I don't want to stop talking to them, ever. When they turn around and say "you're really easy to talk to, wow" and I can tell they feel the same way. When we go for months or even years without speaking and it's still the same.

Chemistry doesn't have to be a romantic thing, either. It can be a friendly feeling, in fact I'd say that of all the people I think I have Chemistry with, only one is in a romantic sense. I see it in other people, too, and it's so perfect. I hope they realise what it means.

This was all sparked off by me seeing a photoset of Nick & Jess, my OTP, from New Girl. Now, they have Chemistry. It's very rare for onscreen Chemistry to work so well, and that's why I love watching them. That, and the fact that they make me laugh until no sound is coming out and I'm rocking back and forth clapping.
I can think of three, maybe four individuals that I have this kind of connection with. It's so rare and so special, I will never take it for granted and I only wish I felt this more often... Or is it the fact that it's rare that makes it so special?


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