Who do I trust?
   Do I trust the wicked brown eyes and the soulful voice that sings songs just for me? Do I trust the perfect cup of tea and cigarettes smoked out the window?
   Do I trust the best friend, protective and sincere, very convincingly saying all the right things; “you two seem perfect, I’ve never seen him as happy as when he’s with you...”
   Do I trust the mocking, all-knowing eyes of the ex-girlfriend, passing me a drink and keeping her mouth shut?
   Do I trust the kind and excited friends chatting over coffee and exchanging essay messages, who love seeing me so happy?
   Do I trust the sharp intake of breath, the averting of gaze and awkward shifting in the seat at the mention of a name? Do I trust the words “he’s actually getting on a mate of mine...”?
   Do I trust the sinking stomach and the heavy heart, or the butterflies and the blushing?
   Do I trust the sea breeze, the cold, harsh streets of this town? Do I trust the alcohol and the dancing?
   Do I trust my instincts and my rules, or the one who’s been making me break resolutions since day one? Do I trust my head, telling me that he’s no stranger to this sort of thing? Do I trust my heart, insisting that he’s always waiting and wishing for this as much as I am?

Who would you trust?


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