May 1st, 2013.

Today is a serious contender for the best day of my life. The sun is shining, the day is May, I'm in my honourary hometown lapping up the good vibes with some of my favourite people.

Considering last night I had the lion's share of a bottle of Jack with my friends before going out and abusing my wristband privileges at our recently-dubbed 'local' pub/bar and scoring some £3 jam jar cocktails (cocktails, named after Smurfs, in jam jars - ingenious, right?) and a vodka sunrise from a kind stranger; kisses were had, lies were told regarding my relationship with my best friend ("we're brother and sister, obviously! See the matching nose rings?") and my trademark freak-outs in the toilets were, well, frequent. Photos were taken in compromising positions, i.e. a hedge on the way to the local, and upon waking this morning I discovered two boys in my bedroom (best friend and best friend's boyfriend who is also a best friend, what?) and legs that felt as though they were encased in concrete - in my drunken state I had forgotten, it seems, about the treacherous hills of Winchester.

Today life decisions were made, circumstances were altered for the better, and true clarity was realised. Ink stained me, sunshine kissed me, and fortune smiled upon me. Peppermint mocha never tasted so good. I sat in the beautiful cathedral grounds lazing happily with the aforementioned favourites, before heading to a really exciting opportunity (which became a reality, within the hour no less, hello new job!) then back to campus to be reunited with my beloved Learning Cafe. As much as I hate this expression, the creative juices are in full flow. My afternoon promises the final pieces of work reaching completion, maybe even some self-indulgent work happening, then tonight is set aside for a much-needed catch-up with a wonderful and consistently smiley friend.

Signs are everywhere. Good signs. Clear, if unbeknowst to others, signs. I currently have a particular song following me everywhere I go, and a feeling deep within that says I'm onto something good. Also, I have a long and happy weekend ahead of me involving friends, family, home, funk 'n' soul, alcohol, face paint, flowers and climbing cliffs. May Day is in full swing. And I know it's gonna be a lovely May.

Some of the best things I've ever known have happened today; a year's worth of goodness has happened, and it's only just 3pm.



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