Oh, hi. Me again.
Now, I'm not going to apologise for my absence (sorrysorrysorrysor) or for sitting my blog firmly on the back seat while I focused on uni work (rysorrysorrysorrys) and my beloved ECP which sulked unless I paid it my full attention (orrysorrysorrysorry) - no, I'm not sorry (SORRY). 

I have so many ideas for new posts, they've been buzzing up here *taps forehead, ouch* for so long now that I only hope I can get them out and onto the page. So please bear with me, this may be a shaky sleepy start...

Also, my beautiful loyal flawless followers, if you fancy checking out what I've been working on recently, please take a look at this fancy spangly blog I made for my short novel entitled 'Everyone else'. 


Again, I won't apologise for the plugging (sorrysorrysorr) and I'll reiterate that I adore you all and cannot wait to get back to what I love most - red wine, biscuits, and blogging.


posts you've really liked.