Hi, my name's Gracie. I have a cafetiere, I'm on S3 E7 of OITNB, my bed is my nest, I'm selling all my old nearly-new clothes, I'm so thankful for Netflix, I'm at my worst in the mornings, I'm pondering vegan-ism, I love cheese, I'm getting more and more forgetful, redoing my bedroom is a fun yet exhausting project, I really miss studying, I'm starting to get busier and better, the cat can always sense how I'm feeling, I've tried to vlog, I have five tattoos, my bookshelves are colour-coordinated, I have cabin fever, Clipper Sleepy Time tea works a treat, I want some of my friends to make more effort, positivity is key, it's been a while, I suddenly feel vain writing these posts, because I hate things being all about me.

I do one of these posts every month whenever I remember. 


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