2016 is a'coming...and there's so much to do!

None of us like those post-Christmas pre-New Year feels. It's strange, to say the least. Nobody knows what to do. I've noticed that several comedians have made up routines about this time period, and all the jokes are true - we really don't know what we're going or what is happening. We really do forget which day is which (blame it on the whole day-naming thing, we forget dates and days much easier). And even though we don't get special school Christmas holidays any more, most of my friends with proper grown-up jobs are now off until January 4th.

One of the main reasons I've disliked this time this year is because ever since waking up on Boxing Day I've been filled with this desperate thirst to SORT MY SHIT OUT. And sort it all out by the 31stI don't mean to do the whole 'new year new me' thing, honest. Let me explain. By 'sort shit out' I mean...

Clutter; I need to clear my room of all the sentimental bits and bobs, and the 'just plain junk' stuff. It's time. The proof of postage receipts littering my desk (blame Vinted), the unwanted woollen wares bursting out of my wardrobe, the stack of notebooks I got this Christmas precariously perched on my bedside table.
The fam are currently discussing the idea of revamping the extension room downstairs and making it a 'reading space' which obviously is the most exciting prospect for me. I may be moving my gorgeous stacks of colour-coordinated books into the big beautiful airy room where they can have the space and attention they so deserve.

Blogs; I've been putting off the 'Best Reads of 2015' blog for far too long now, also my New Years Resolutions segment for the NYE post on Oh No,Not Another Blogger, also a few special bookish pieces due to go up in the coming months need to be mapped out, and I must snap a photo with my DSLR to go with my guest post for The Olive Fox. Yes, guest posts are part of my life now and that is truly thrilling. I have so many ideas – the sensible thing to do would be to make a list of all these ideas and then slot each one into a column per blog, based on what I think would work best with the themes and content of that site. Maybe I'll do that. After I've tidied my room.

Personal; yes, 'personal shit'. I have all manner of feelings and messages floating around me these days and I really must get to grips with them all. Some feelings need to be addressed, some notions must be tried and tested, and some suspicions have to be shut down. Vague enough? Yes, I think so. Good. I also keep meaning to put more personal stuff on this blog again. I seem to have clammed up lately, which is odd and so unlike me. My blog began when I had too much in my head at fifteen, and its very foundations are pure organic Grade A word vomit. I need some of that back.

Plans; I have finally found the perfect diary for 2016, a light green M&S affair with a lovely peacock feather design embroidered on the front. It has sections for notes and addresses in the back (which is annoying as I only just bought an address book, because yeah adult) and...wait for it...a TUBE MAP. That blew my mind. How handy will that be for all my London adventures in the new year?!
Yes, 2016 will feature much more London. Maybe less Winchester, because no offence to any of my gorgeous Hampshire friends obviously, but the town itself now upsets me quite a bit. Every time I go back I'm filled with happy nostalgia, which soon gives way to crushing heartache – whether that's because it reminds me of my more carefree days, or it hurts because I never got to finish my student life there (the social side; I got my high 2:1 degree which is arguably more important...) or just because I hate that I won't be living there again any time soon...that seems like such a stupid waste now given how well I know the city, how many pals are still there and how my old places of work are still keen to get me back.
Back to plans, I really need to fill in the new diary with all my adventures and appointments. Work experience, hospital, city breaks, catch-ups and travels. Also gigs. I'm seeing three of my favourite artists in the first four months of 2016, and I cannot wait.

Work; I need to go back to work. I see a specialist in the second week of January, so then I'll know when I can go back to work. And then I'll go back to work. Yes, I will. I need to. Not just because of money, but because I need a purpose. It's sad but true, some days I just yearn to have a purpose. I will make that purpose work. I'll go back to work. Yes, I will. 

Friends; it's got to that time of year when I keep saying to friends 'we'll see each other in the new year!' Which yes, is great for putting off organising as it's a promise but nothing concrete, but soon the concrete will need to be...laid. That's why I'm so excited to be seeing friends for NYE; I'll be starting my year on a major high and hopefully I can continue that for months! Also I really need to do some surgery on certain friendships ASAP. There are some friends who I don't see enough (we'll say 'we must hang out more!' every few months when we meet up) and ones I make too much time and too many allowances for. 2016 me won't take any shit.

So yes, I have a lot to be getting on with in the run up to the new year. Why, then, am I sat on my bed with the cat, in my pyjamas, writing this post about how much I have to get on with and sort...rather than actually getting up, grabbing my coffee and actually cracking on with it?



  1. I love this post! So much to do, a lot of it really exciting—but it can seem a little overwhelming. And I put a lot of pressure on myself this time of year to have a fresh start, and suddenly ace all the things that I've been struggling with. Which obviously isn't gonna happen all at once!

    And good luck seeing the specialist. While of course I can't understand everything you're going through, I can really empathise with your desire to go to work and have a purpose. Fingers crossed it will be soon!


    1. Thank you so much, my love! I knew you'd understand.
      I'm totally impatient now and ready to move on to new adventures. Bring on 2016!

      Big big love to you! x


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