Colouring & Drawing, too!

Now, I've reviewed Colour Me Mindful before, specifically the Butterflies edition in all its loveliness. Also Colour Me Mindful books have been on my TBR list before - under their own category To Be Coloured! So you might say I'm a major fan of this range - and Anastasia Catris, the genius artist. 
So imagine my excitement when I hear about this fun new colouring project - Draw Your Way to a Younger Brain! The latest art therapy series by Anastasia Catris. 
What makes this series different to the previous books? This one includes drawing! That's right, on some pages you are just given an outline alongside the original illustration, so you can go wild and create your own colourful patterns, and creatures!

Oh, I adore the creatures. Especially the Cats book. I am a cat colouring connoisseur, with no fewer than four cat colouring books stacked up on my desk, and I find that Anastasia's illustrations are the loveliest. 
The other two books, 
are beautiful also. I'm not a dog person (oh shh, we can't all be!) but even I find these images adorable and inviting.

It's a freakish coincidence that recently I wrote a post for The Olive Fox entitled 'Be Kind To Your Brain' which contained a few tips and ways to, well, be kind to your poor tired mind...and one of those tips was colouring!

These books are designed to assist your brain. I love my brain - yes, despite everything it's put me through - and taking care of it is top priority. So hearing that these books not only help with anxiety and focus (which is why I began colouring in the first place!) but also your memory and cognitive functions...I am thrilled beyond belief and I needed them in my life immediately! The tagline is 'draw your way to a younger brain', meaning you'll be more alert and retain more information. That's magical! 


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