Dream Jobs..........plural!

Growing up, I went through a lot of 'dream job' phases.
I fancied being an artist from an early age, for some reason I thought I could make it big and get my artwork out there to the masses...bless baby Grace.
Then I moved on to 'author'...if I'm honest, I haven't quite grown out of this just yet. But we'll get to that later on.
When choosing my subjects for A Level studies, I toyed with the idea of doing Psychology, or Philosophy. I ignored the fact that my brain doesn't work* in the way required to take those subjects. I had it in my head to 'get realistic' with my career aims. So obviously I was thinking of becoming a Drama Therapist. Or an Art Therapist. Someone who helps those in dire need of counselling and direction with the aid of art and dramatics...a great thing in theory, but I am nowhere near equipped for that! My goodness.
A rather cool job would be putting on an art exhibit in London which every piece is made from LEGO...(Art of the Brick, Nathan Sawaya)

After seeing a live show in Seaworld, Australia, I was suddenly desperate to become a fully qualified dolphin trainer. One of the team of gorgeous tanned professionals who rode the dolphins across the pool and sent them soaring into the skies while the crowds applauded.

I definitely went through the 'acting' phase. I took GCSE then A Level Drama & Theatre Studies, got perfect grades and stupidly thought this was it, I was made for a life in the spotlight. Then I had my first ever Drama lecture at uni (doing my degree in Drama & Creative Writing combined honours) and met my fellow students, all of whom took their acting so so super-seriously, and planned on attending Drama schools in London following the BA graduation. They could all dance and sing, too. I just enjoyed acting – I wasn't even all that good at it, really. Not when compared to my most excellent theatrical peers. So yeah, I decided against going down the acting route very soon after starting my degree. Luckily, the Creative Writing part of it reminded me just how badly I wanted to be a writer. So that was a huge win!

I am currently working as a barista – which is an instant tick on the Dream Jobs list! I've always loved and been fascinated by coffee; I blame and thank my parents for taking me and my sister to all the best high street cafes in our younger years. Anyway, making caffeinated drinks is an incredible act of artistry. I am so terrified I don't measure up some days – then I remember I was a Regional Finalist for Nero's Barista of the Year. *brushes shoulder*

Yes, my ultimate career goal is...WRITER. I am so determined and so passionate about this. It's something I must do. I doubt I could do much else, to be honest. Nothing else gets me as fired up, as excited and inspired. It's a little scary how much I want it.

However, I realised some time ago that I don't have to be just that, and that alone, for my entire life. I can do other things, too. I can have my list of dream jobs – just jobs, not necessarily careers – and I can do them all on my way or alongside being a hot-shot writer. Right?
So, here they are...

This idea came to me when I saw my auntie get married (in a wild nature reserve, in Australia, about seven years ago) by a civil celebrant. A woman in a stunning cream suit with a high-tech Gwen Stefani wireless mic, who married my auntie and uncle without any priestly powers or religious affiliation.
And then one of my neighbours got trained up to be a celebrant – it made so much sense, she's beautiful and dynamic and down-to-earth!
Celebrants do weddings, yes, but also funerals...that would be the one snag for me. I've only been to two funerals in my life, and only one of them really hurt me, but it hurt enough for me to never ever want to go to a funeral again. I know I'll have to, but I won't if I can help it. I'm an emotional wreck! If I had to head up a funeral, I'd weep relentlessly. More than any of the family members present.
The idea of marrying two people, though. That's magical.

Social Worker Person @ a charity.
When I was introduced to the hospital in which I'd have my radiotherapy treatment, I was also introduced to Elsa, the social worker/magical human who works for Clic Sargent in dealing with struggling young people/children with horrible diagnoses.
She sat with my mum and I, going through all our awesome options regarding care – she told me I was eligible for appointments with any and all specialists in the entire hospital (I wish I'd made an effort with the dietician...) and then presented me with all manner of leaflets. This is how I first discovered the Little Princess Trust – because I was eligible for one of their beautiful real-hair wigs! I declined as politely as I could because my gosh, save that amazing stuff for the little kiddies! It was what inspired me to donate my hair and over £2,000 in friends' donations, though...
Anyway, Elsa was an angel, an actual angel. I'd love to have a job like that; a job in which I have to be there for people, take care of them and offer them all the lovely things they are so totally entitled to.
It helps that I've had this awful experience – sometimes that's what inspires you to follow these paths in life. I have a friend I met in outpatients once, who struggled with a tumour just like I did, and he is now determined and destined to be a physiotherapist after being taught how to walk again after his surgery. Amazing, right?

I don't care what I do, I have to work in publishing. I simply must. It's the most amazing field – even just tweeting my pals in publishing and receiving book mail from a couple of publishing houses blows my mind. I would absolutely love to work in an office with the gorgeous people who make, distribute and publicize books. I'd work so so hard, and of course go nuts all over social media. Ooh, I'd make an excellent social media manager...

News reporter.
I'm aware that this is a little out of reach, especially since a lot of my pals who did Journalism at uni had to have special training in presenting news in front of a camera – and even then, only a few of them could do it!
But still...I would love sitting at the BBC desk reading out the headlines. Maybe for South East Today. Maybe next time I make Polly a double macchiato, I can ask her about job opportunities...Loads of my friends have said in the past that they can see me doing this, and while I wonder why, I'd hate to disappoint them!

Something abroad.
I have friends who have uprooted and moved to gorgeous places all over the planet for epic new jobs – the whole TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) has taken off, and so many of my friends are now out there in Japan/Korea/Thailand teaching lovely kids how to speak our language. That is amazing. I'd love to do something like that...but then again, I cannot teach. Nope, never.
Obviously I'd love to maybe work for a publishing company, or a newspaper, or a TV channel, abroad. But nothing too stressful, nothing that would spoil the whole 'abroad' experience. I plan on travelling in this beautiful new year 2016, and I hope my barista skills will stand me in good stead for casual jobs here and there...

I'd love to someday work in a coffee shop with a blackboard and a wicked sense of humour.

So, those are my aims, my goals. Who knows how many of these awesome jobs I'll manage to tick off my list? I'd be happy with just one or two...preferably the 'author' one...
Keep your fingers crossed for me, friends!
And please oh please tell me what your dream jobs are!

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*yes, I am aware that my brain doesn't work very well at all. Silly old brain, growing things here and there, and then soiling itself repeatedly mood-wise. Ughh.


  1. Those are wide ranging dream jobs! For as long as I can remember, the only thing that I have really, really, REALLY wanted to do is become a mother. I know that's not a paying job, but I as, ideally, I want to be a stay at home mum, that kind of comes above any job/career.

    When I was at school, I wanted to be an actress (I LOVED acting, but I wasn't particularly good at it), then a make-up artist.

    After A-Levels, I took a course in Cosmetic Make-Up and Beauty Consultancy, but it bored me :( So after I finished that, I was a at a loss. I was missing the English essays I used to have to write, even though I didn't enjoy them at the time, so I went to a week-long free summer course in Journalism, just to see if it tickled my fancy, and then went on to study Journalism Studies at uni.

    I enjoyed the degree, but found I couldn't be a features writer straight away, and had no interest is writing local council news. Or any news, really. But I loved writing! I did try getting into book publishing, and had a few work experience placements, but it didn't lead to anything. Through the job centre, I got a six-month job for the Hackney Learning Trust as a Project Assistant, but it was so meh and there was no job at the end of it anyway.

    Now I work at Foyles! And I still really want to write. So I have my personal blog as well as my book blog, and I have contributed to a online feminist essay site and a magazine. I just need to write moooore! I'm really inspired by what you write here. Just wish I could come up with more topics for my blog. I kind of think that if I'm not writing something that might be helpful, I shouldn't write it. Which means I don't blog as often as I like. Siiiigh.

    Where do you get your inspiration from for your blog posts? I've read a few, and some are the inspiring, eye-opening, thoughtful kind, and then you have your really interesting normal posts like this one (that's not meant to be an insult - I love them!). I just struggle to think anyone would find what I write interesting. But I try to ignore that, haha!

    1. Oh my god, that is so long, I'm so sorry!


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