My Valentine, and longest relationship to date.

Dear my loving, long-term, serious sweetheart and ultimate partner in crime, you dashing straight-talking moustached gent,
What can I say? We’ve been in this relationship for almost four years now. What a marvellous, if turbulent, time it has been.
I’ll never forget that fateful night we first met; when I locked eyes on you from the other side of the bar, took in your dark exterior and wondered just how delicious you could be. Oh, I couldn’t help letting my gaze linger on your long neck, just imagining putting my hands on it, holding on tight…maybe never letting go, if you gave me a good time.
I couldn’t not have you. Oh sure, I’d heard from a few girls – and guys, too – around and about that you were especially wild, as dangerous as you were delicious…but I didn’t care. If anything your badass rep, and long list of lovers, intrigued and excited me.
So, right there and then, I took the plunge and I tasted you. 
I swear since that night, I have never looked back. I’ve never wanted to. You’re the only one for me, now. I’m in it for the long haul, honey. You just fit into my life so perfectly, whether I’m out partying with the girls dressed to the nines or snuggling up indoors watching a film in my pyjamas. You even get along with my family. My Dad and Granddad in particular adore you, just as much as I do. Could you be anymore perfect?
I guess what I’m saying is: never leave me.
Never make me forget where I am, where I’m going…and never make me wake up in pain. I trust you, baby. I know you never would hurt me on purpose. Maybe if I used and abused you a little, took things too far, or betrayed you with that slick cheeky Russian…oh no, I know better than to do that. I’ve learned from past experiences. You’ve always taken me back, too.
I am your Valentine, and you are mine. We’ll be together forever, I just know it.
Yours always, my darling Jacky D…
Gracie xoxo


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