MORE Independent Bookshop Week - family faves!

I recently sent a photo of myself to Jasmine at Wenlock Books; a photo that featured me with my favourite book that's been published in the past decade. 
This inspired me to do my own post, centred around my family. We 4, each with our fave books...!

Firstly, mama. She chose 'Every Day' by David Levithan, and here's why: 
'Amazingly alternative. Important. To be able to see relationships and people in a completely different way...I loved it.' 

Next, little sis. She has picked out 'Let It Snow' by John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle. Her reasons: 
'I love it when stories are interlinked with one another, it's one of my favourite things; all three stories and all three authors are amazing.' 

And papa, who has bucked our fiction trend and chosen an autobiography. 'The Outsider', by Jimmy Connors. His comments: 
'He gave a fascinating insight into the life of a tennis legend in that golden era.' 

Finally, me. I have gone for the epic 'How To Be A Woman', by my goddess Caitlin Moran. I have two copies because the front one is retired as it is falling apart from being lovingly leafed through and is now signed by the gorgeous author, thus it needed a replacement for general use. Hence its big sis, the silvery copy behind it. Why did I choose this book? 

'This book taught me more than I ever thought possible. And it made me laugh. It made me laugh until I cried; it made me laugh so hard that my tits smothered in sun cream jiggled excitedly as I read it while topless sunbathing in Spain. This woman is unreal.' 

Wow. This post was such fun! I may get the family to feature more often... Once again, Happy IBW2016 folks! I hope you spend this week celebrating your local independent book stores and re-reading your favourite books. 


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