Avenue Q -- an interview!

Well friends, I achieved a major blogging goal recently - a goal I didn't even know I had. An obscure yet obvious goal; a secret aim that even I didn't know was in my sights until an exciting opportunity was presented via email and, well, I freaked out a little...a lot. Okay, you ready for this? Right then... 

As some of you will know I am a Young Ambassador for my local theatres in Eastbourne - The Congress, The Devonshire Park and Winter Gardens. I see three shows minimum in each season on the opening nights and then review them immediately afterwards so my words might be used on the website for the remainder of the show's run. It's very exciting - a combination of two passions of mine, and the two halves of my degree actually, Drama and Creative Writing.
I managed to score opening night tickets to Avenue Q, the UK tour, the absolutely hilarious and witty cracker of a show that features actors and puppets working in blissful harmony on stage, finding who they are and working out how to live the way they want to. In the seedy run-down low-budget Avenue Q, New York. The show was originally created with the vision of 'a filthy Sesame Street'. Well with characters like Rod and Nicky, plus songs like 'The Internet is for Porn' and 'Everyone's a Little Bit Racist' I'd say that vision was well and truly achieved. So yeah, I was already pumped as can be to see this musical. I couldn't wait to review it. 

And then I was asked if I fancied interviewing the stars - and by stars I of course mean the actual puppets! 

Princeton, I feel we have a similar dilemma in our young lives. I have a BA in Creative Writing. What do I do with that? What is my life going to be?

Wow, I remember those days, straight out of Uni with the world at your feet. The world is your lobster, or however the saying goes! But then you realise you have bills to pay, so you take a temp job and all of a sudden you’re stuck in the corporate machine. But fear not, you just have to find your purpose! When you find that special reason you’re on this planet, all your dreams will start to come true. I came to realise that my purpose was to star in a musical telling the world about all of life’s tribulations, and look what happened to me! 

Lucy, can you give me some fashion tips?

Darling, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, that’s my motto. Oh, and always go with zips not button-ups. Quicker to work with if you catch my meaning.

The Bad Idea Bears, what would you say is your best project to date?

Yellow Bear: Well… being on tour we have been sampling all the casinos up and down the country, and gambling our money irresponsibly! But… we’ve been banned from every casino in the country, and that makes us SO SAD!
Blue Bear: Oh why did you mention that, now I want to cry!! You see, we like a good game of poker, but when we lose we get a little cranky, and like to spin around on the roulette wheels. They don’t like that very much! Oh and remember, gambling is bad kids!

Kate Monster, what's your favourite film? And do you have a Netflix account? It's one of those sites that the internet is really good for - that isn't porn. 

My absolute favourite film is Titanic! I could watch it over and over again, I really relate to Kate Winslet’s character. And the theme song by Celine Dion makes me cry every time. And yes I have Netflix; I’m currently binge-watching House of Cards. I love Kevin Spacey, I hope we get to work together one day! 

Nicky, what is your favourite word? That isn't German!

Hmm, I think my favourite word is ‘employment’. Because when I’ve got it, things are so much better! I’ve been through some tough times recently; Rod kicked me out of his flat, I even ended up on the street! But when you’re in the gutter – literally – the only way is up, right?

Trekkie Monster, describe your ideal partner?

Me dream of meeting big voluptuous Monster for walks in the park and cosy movie nights to be the ying to my monster yang!

Rod, I heard you have a girlfriend in Canada. What's her name?

Yes I have a girlfriend! Who doesn’t!? You? Well I do! Her name is Alberta. No, Vancouver! She lives in Alberta. Go away! 

Avenue Q is at Eastbourne Congress Theatre from Tuesday 5 – Saturday 9 July. For more information and tickets visit: www.eastbournetheatres.co.uk / www.eastbournetheatres.co.uk/events/avenue-q 


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