PSY - Changeling: 'Slave to Sensation'. BLOG TOUR!

I am so delighted to be taking part in this blog tour. The epic 'Slave To Sensation', a PSY-Changeling novel by Nalini Singh is celebrating 10 years since it was first published. 

I received a copy from Gollancz, but that in no way affects my reviewing nor my general opinion of the novel. 

The world Nalini Singh has created is one of harsh principles; it's all about the head and never about the heart. You must show no emotions nor desire, lest you be subjected to 'rehabilitation', this being a corrective measure that erases who you were. 
There are two races in play, that have coexisted somewhat unhappily for some time: the Psy and the Changelings. Now a war is on the horizon after some Changeling women were murdered. Lucas Hunter is a Changeling, and he wants what he can't have - what the Psy hate. He has desires. He is on a mission to uncover the Psy who murdered his packmate.  
Sascha Duncan is a Psy afflicted with the flaw that is desire, passion and want. She helps Lucas get in and search the Psy for answers, but they both must remain wary and not stray, not give in to their feelings. 

I personally would not survive in this world. I am ruled by my emotions. I felt sure I couldn't be the only one - and so I turned to my friends on Twitter to investigate. 
The question was 'What is your deepest desire?' 

Here are a few of the responses...
Some were rather cute!

Some exciting if alarming...

But most were sweet and heartfelt! 


I have already run a wildly popular giveaway on Twitter for an extra copy of this book - the delightful Rosie @rorotbd won, and has since posted a pic on Instagram! 

As a hardcore Orion & Gollancz fan, plus a lover of paranormal romance and the unknown and unexpected in fiction I have loved being a part of this tour. 

See the rest of the stops on this blog tour below! 


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