Hi, my name's Gracie. 

I'm 23 now, I don't enjoy builder's tea, the upcoming Gilmore Girls reunion is giving me life, I find vandalism fascinating, if I'm buying a dress I find pockets and fluted sleeves can always sell it 100%, I cannot believe I never appreciated what a magical album American Idiot is when it first came out, I love a good stir fry, men in suits turn me on, I really think quinoa chips are ingenious, my laptop is my baby, when I was at uni the only expensive item I'd allow myself when food shopping was Whole Earth organic crunchy peanut butter, my wardrobe is mostly full of blue, I'm writing a book, I actually enjoy my job, I'm going to be lecturing on blogging at my alma mater very soon, my brain is stable, I can officially legally drive my car again, things are falling into place, and that's frighteningly magical. 

I do one of these posts when I can actually think of fun facts whenever I remember to. 


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