Happy Birthday Me, Nobody Likes You When You're 23.

Thing that happened when I was 22. 

I recovered from my second lot of brain surgery. My family and I had our first Christmas without Grandma. I spent New Year's Eve in London, in a sparkly silver dress, with my uni friends, drinking vodka and orange juice. My little sis turned 18, and I treated her to a big surprise day out. I got another tattoo. I went to Berlin for the second time. The family, we four, went to Disneyland Paris. I started writing for The Olive Fox. I visited London approximately 104 times, and 70 of those times I stayed overnight. I stuck the middle finger up at the girl who bullied my sis at school. I actually got along with and firmly befriended a friend's perfect son - despite me being ridiculously bad with kids. 
I saw 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', 'Matilda: The Musical' (2nd time), 'Beyond The Fence', 'Wicked' (3rd time), 'American Idiot', Kenneth Brannagh's 'Romeo & Juliet'. Also 'Avenue Q', Vincent & Flavia's last hurrah dance show, and several other plays at the lovely Eastbourne Theatres. 
I saw my 3 all-time favourite artists - Newton Faulkner, Joshua Radin, and Dallas Green - live. I started back at work in the cafe. I got a dream job, I became a bookseller at my local Waterstones. 
I attended dozens upon dozens of incredible book events; launches, drinks, signings, panels. I met authors I idolised, and a lot of them became friends of mine. I realised the magical phenomenon that is book mail. My blog surpassed 200,000 views. 
The weekend leading up to my 23rd birthday, I attended YALC for the very first time and realised it is everything I want and everything I someday hope to be. 
I took a moth in my bare hands and put it out a window - I did this on the evening of July 31st, and I swear it may be my biggest achievement of being 22. 

It's been a heck of a year. I still have a way to go before I'm 25, thankfully, which as I've said before in a post is supposedly the year you have to get your shit together (?!). I'm not the best at remembering what happens at what age, my concept of time is terrible (and I realised this yet again when writing this post, whoa), but hopefully the year of 23 will be a good one. One I remember clearly. 

Things that will definitely be happening when I am 23. 

- I'll guest lecture at my alma mater, the University of Winchester, on a module entitled Professional Writing. 
- My reconstruction surgery. Possibly. 
- I'll be driving again. After 2 years of having my licence held by the DVLA. (I called them on my 23rd birthday, today, and got this news. Best present ever? Maybe.)

Things that I hope will be happening when I am 23. 

I'll stop biting my nails. I'll go to Australia and see my family as part of that graduation solo trip I planned so many years ago and never got to do. 
I'll see the Harry Potter & The Cursed Child play. 
I'll get an agent. And maybe a publishing deal situation. 
I will keep loving myself, my body and my mind. 


  1. Wow it seems like you went through a lot when you were 22! Happy Birthday and heres to a fantastic year of being 23.


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