Grown-Up Goals...!

I have written about this kind of thing before – my To Do by 25 List was basically my way of saying 'I'm turning 23 soon, I supposedly should do all these things by 25 BUT why pressure yourself? Be free!' 
So this post will be a little more relaxed in terms of deadlines. Y'all are about to see my list of Grown-Up Goals! 

The beautiful Keris actually reblogged a text post on Tumblr not too long ago that said 'there is no endgame in life'. And wow, I totally agree. These items below are not my endgames. I won't achieve them all and stop trying, stop searching, no! I will simply move on to my next challenge, I expect. 

So here we go. My for-real mostly-sensible Grown-Up Goals. When I grow up, I want to have...

  • Travelled around a significant portion of the planet.
  • Be making a living from my passions. (No no not those passions, I mean like my writing and reading and speaking to people...)
  • Got my own place. Just me. Nobody else. I want to live at least part of my life on my own.
  • Rescued and provided a home for a cat. Or two. Or six...
  • Worked out what taxes are and what needs doing with them because, honestly, what even. (I recently found out my code's been wrong for a long time and I am owed a LOT of money from the tax peeps. Huh.) 
  • Have the health in check. I want to still be receiving regular tests and attending consults, and I want everything to be running smoothly in my head. Surely that's not too much to ask...? 
  • Be content and done with tattoos. (Note: this is an unlikely goal. I love getting tattooed.) 
  • Have got the whole LinkedIn thing down to a T. 
  • Found a hairstyle that I a) like and b) can maintain. (This is harder than you'd think)
  • Paid off all my debts and saved enough dolla that I can comfortably retire and sit pretty - and share my infinite wealth (ha!) with those closest to me. 

I know for a fact that I will have this blog forever - for the duration of my life, when I am growing up and a grown-up, and who knows, I may even appoint someone to watch over/continue it when I am gone. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. 
What I mean is, you readers will all see me when I properly reach that Grown Up era, and I hope you'll see me achieve each of these goals. 


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