This (My) Modern Love.

I recently read Will Darbyshire's 'This Modern Love'; the beautifully simple and strangely ambiguous red cover has been calling out to me from the New Fiction shelf at work lately, so I treated myself after payday...I thought I'd keep it as a 'coffee table read' and dip in and out whenever I fancied it, but I ended up devouring it in one day as I travelled to and from London. 

The book is a collection of letters, notes, and words submitted and sent in from all over the world about, yeah you guessed it, love. Love in all its forms – crushes, yearnings, relationships, flings, break-ups; every little thing, every flutter of a feeling, is covered in this book. It starts with crushes, then the middle section is relationships, and it ends with break-ups. 

This book didn't enrage me or irk me at all – despite the fact that it's a 'YouTuber Book' (*sighs*) and it's about love, a subject I am not very well-versed in or keen on these days. In fact, I kinda loved this book. Yep, quite an achievement. Well done, Will! 

I felt the need to answer the Qs posed at the beginning of the book. 
I really wish I had seen this project when it first took flight - I'd have written endless letters and poured my heart out, and made a complete tit of myself, no doubt. 

What would you say to your ex, without judgement?

1. Sorry. I was an idiot. could apologise for that thing you did too, though. Please.

2. I hear you're boring now. Good.

3. You're boring, too. And you always said to me that you hated short hair on a girl. Liar.

4. Any time. Anywhere. 

Write a thank you note to your partner – describe or share (in a photo) the big and little things that make you happy.

These days, I hardly ever go into a shop without seeing something you'd like. Something specific, like a comic book or a suit jacket or a silly novelty item or a snack of some kind...
I think this means you're still in my head. In a good way. I still consider you – and every time I do, I think how lucky I am to have you as a friend.
What single word sums up your love life, your partner, or someone you like?


What would you say to a crush?
Write a letter to them to express it.

This is a terrible idea. Let's do it.

How has technology affected your relationship, either positively or negatively? Describe your experience.

I hate broadcasting my life on Facey B, like many people might. I'm also (believe it or not) selective about what I share on Twitter. My relationships have hardly featured on my social media platforms, save for the occasional #coupleselfie on Instagram. That's just me, though. Just my preference. It's like PDA – time and place, y'know?

Snapchat has always been good for my love life, though. No, not for that reason ( just for checking in and sharing jokes while I was in an LDR. Quick, easy and free with wifi. Sweet. 

< 3

I would advise all of you readers to grab a copy of this book. If you are romantically confused, excited, lost, hopeful, at ease...there's something in this book for everyone. 


  1. I keep thinking about buying this book, but was wary because as you say youtuber books typically aren't the best... This sounds different, and I am definitely going to buy a copy! xx


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