Just Some Things #4 : Laura Tilbrook.

This is the latest instalment in my feature Just Some Things!
In case you don't know, here's how it works...
I send a writer an individual email with a series of prompts from the '642 Things to Write About' book – chosen entirely at random most of the time – and then when I get the responses, I dedicate a post to them and their piece. It could be short, long, backwards, in another language, I don't mind. It'll be an adventure whatever happens! And they can use or ignore however many of the prompts they wish.

When published on the blog, their piece will be put in first and then I'll add in a little piece beneath it, my response to the same prompt. I will always ensure mine is shorter and less prominent, obviously. It's all about featuring my fave writers.

The star of this post is Laura Tilbrook, a Teesside gal with a heart of gold and a raw, honest form of writing. It is a pleasure to have her as a guest.

Her prompt was: Write about the last city you fell in love with which she has ingeniously combined with another I gave her: Your favourite drink.

London: A Drinks Menu to Fall In Love With

July’s Special: Jager & Ginger £2.50
Like my hair, gettit? Used to be a great line, before my new start.

August’s Special: Cider & Black £1.50
Couldn’t pass it off as an eyeliner smudge, but hey it sure takes the edge off.

September’s Special: Southern Comfort & Lemonade £5.50
He was mine and that’s what you should make with all those lemons.

October’s Special: White Wine Spritzer £9.50
Sophisticated writer types probably don’t drink this, but the shy ones do.

November’s Special: Mountain Dew & Vodka £7.50
That juice will keep you making a fool of yourself all night, in the best way.

December’s Special: Gin & Lemonade £1.50
So good it tastes like home, best served with a few tears.

January’s Special: Red Wine £12.00
Stains on my lips & singing on the streets. relief relief relief.

~ Laura's blog & Twitter ~

And now here is my response to the one of the same prompts; write about the last city you fell in love with. 

   I never would have found this city if it weren't for you. Well, maybe my restless feet and mind would have got me here eventually, but I like that you're the reason I went there when I did.
   Coffee is 1,50. And that's the priciest kind. The kind that can be found in bakeries on the corners, the ends of streets. In Prenzlauer Berg district, specifically Schonhauser Allee. That means 'beautiful house road', apparently. It sounds about right. I love being in your beautiful house – flat, even. I enjoy being woken up by the bells in the red brick church outside your curtain-less window, although I understand why that could get somewhat old day after day.
   I like trams. Cities everywhere should have them. Preferably free trams, or at least ones that aren't militantly policed – the other day we made it halfway across town without being checked. It felt naughty. I also enjoy the underground. Sorry, the U-Bahn. It's all blue tiles and yellow metal; simple silvery illustrations of that gate and other tourist delights printed on the windows.
   I love the people. No two people look the same. There are no trends, no styles, at least not that I can see. Tattoos and dreadlocks pass by with no comment, save for maybe a nod of approval, appreciation. Heavy fur-lined jackets obscuring figures, woollen beanie hats, sheer and bright tights and socks pulled high, unwashed jeans that could be from the present day or decades old.
   I adore the overall feel. The vibes pulsing through the city, between the gorgeous buildings old and new, racing down the side streets with the cyclists, ringing out over the gates and memorials. This place is harsh, cold, grey and yet vibrant, luminous, exciting. It's like neon paint has been splashed on the ancient crumbling ruins. I can see why you're home, here. I'll be back for sure. I'm not done with it yet.
   Berlin, ich liebe du.

If you'd like to take part in this series 'Just Some Things', email me at [email protected].
(Perfect image here by Kayleigh Causton Illustrations)


  1. This is such a cool idea, I've been looking for new blogs to follow and your 'Just Some Things' posts are perfect for that. I love your style of writing, you really paint a picture, rather than just telling a story (teach me please)

    Big love
    Em x

    1. Thank you so much, angel. Comments like this one make me so happy and excited to write more! Huge love xoxo


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