6 books to give as Christmas presents.

This Christmas, I am mostly giving books. This is something I'd probably do anyway, to be fair, but of course I am that much more inclined to shop that way this year as this will be my first Christmas as a bookseller. BUT please believe me when I say that is not simply down to the sweet discount I get at my place of work – nor is it because I get a delightful amount of book mail. The reason I am giving books is because, in my opinion, there are few things you can give as gifts that are more personal and thoughtful. 

Now, I don't want to tell you what to buy your loved ones for Christmas. I wouldn't. Enough customers at work ask me to do that anyway *rolls eyes forever*. No, I just want to help y'all out and mention a few books that would be perfect gifts – and maybe they should be on your Christmas list! 

1. The Journey, by Francesca Sanna.
(Ages 0-100, tbh)

This book fell into my lap at work, and like so many other picture books I have read recently it is not only stunning to look at but also has the most powerful message within. I really feel that more adults should read picture books; all my friends who are parents will say over and over how much they love reading them to their kids and then how much they have come to mean to them, too. The Journey tells the story of a family of refugees having to flee and escape no matter what. It's not for the faint-hearted. 

This little stunner was published by Flying Eye Books and is endorsed by Amnesty International

2. My Dad Wrote A Porno (The fully annotated edition of Rocky Flintstone's Belinda Blinked) by Jamie Morton, Alice Levine, James Cooper & Rocky Flintstone.
(Ages 18+, because whoa erotica alert)

This podcast is excellent and so goddamn novel. I have come (heh heh) to love the makers and hosts of it so so much. So this book appearing on a table near the till at work got me squealing (hehehe). While I may not buy it myself as I feel I've already read it, having binged on the podcast for weeks now, it is definitely worth a look for you Rocky virgins...! 

3. Reasons to Stay Alive, by Matt Haig.
(Ages 16+ perhaps, due to tough subject matter)

Yes, I have blogged about this book approximately 6 billion times, but it recently won the Books Are My Bag Readers Award for non-fiction and I am once again overcome with excitement for it and its magical messages. This book helped me make sense of my muddled brain when it was most buried in darkness. Buy it ASAP – and preferably the paperback, as y'know, I'm totally quoted in it... 

4. I'll Be Home for Christmas, by so many amazing YA authors, like damn, see the full list here!
(Ages 13+, methinks.) 

I have been excited about this book ever since I received it from the lovely folks at Stripes. It's a collaborative effort in aid of Crisis; some of the bestest YA authors (plus 1 fab competition winner!) have each contributed a short story about the idea of home at Christmas time. I know I am very fortunate in that I have a home, and a family, but reading this book made me that much more aware of those who are not in such a lucky position. Whether that's because they've recently moved house due to family bust-ups or deaths, or if they are afraid to confront what awaits them at home, or they simply do not have a place to lay their head each night. This book is all kinds of important and awesome. 

5. Milk and Honey, by Rupi Kaur.
(Ages 16+, because ouch)

This little book of poems broke my heart, then mended it and coated it with something sweet and hopeful. I cannot talk about it enough. I wanna buy it for everyone. It's been a long time since I read such a gorgeous collection of words, that somehow are so immense in such a teeny parcel – they trickle in gently at first, and before long you're in it and you're feeling everything. 

6. Matilda, by Roald Dahl.
(Ages 9+, probs)

Because c'mon, everyone needs some old school magic and a beautiful quirky story to distract us from this mad world and remind us what's important – and how fantastic an imagination really is.

There you have it, 6 perfect reads that are especially ideal to give to others – or ask for yourself – at this festive time of year. 
Please do let me know if you've already read or are planning to get any of these books, and maybe after Christmas we can all discuss what bookish treats we were given! 


  1. exactly what I want for christmas - books! actually I haven't read any of these but will check them out especially matilda, can't believe I haven't read that book yet

    have a lovely day.

  2. I'm definitely going to pick up I'll Be Home for Christmas, may be cheating as I'm getting it for myeslf but money goes to charity so how can I not!


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