'This Time Next Year...'

Why thank you to Alice Marshall for suggesting I do this lovely tag that's making the rounds in the blogging world; apparently it's inspired by that ITV show which features guests making resolutions a year ago and then we immediately get to see them 1 year on and see what progress they made. Pretty cool concept for a show, I gotta say. I'm excited/terrified to do the same on this blog - although my resolution transformation won't be quite as fast, it'll be a case of posting on 31st December 2017 saying something like 'hey guys, these are the things I wanted to do and these are the things I was actually able to do...lol, oops'. That's my prediction, anyway. Let's hope I surprise myself. 

Now I do this kinda thing most years, although maybe not as seriously as I once did back when I was at uni. I am sharing some of my New Year's Resolutions here for all to see, in the hope that a) it'll make me actually complete or at the very least attempt them, and b) it may inspire others, you gorgeous readers, to add some to your list and/or share yours with me, too! 

Yeah, so 2016 was a bit of a shit storm in places. I had some good times in amongst that, though. But I'm ready for changes. 2017, let's have you. 

Join a gym. Yes, let's get the cliché shit out of the way. I am going to join a bloody gym. And I will go to that bloody gym and do some bloody work on this ridiculous bod of mine (which I love, obvs, but could always love more and need to treat better y'know?) whenever possible; on my days off, before/after work, later at night when I need to get myself tired. It needs doing. 

Enjoy home. I've said in a recent post how much I struggle sometimes with being stuck here, in my home town that I will always love but need to be away from to truly appreciate...I think. Also I work in the town adjacent to mine, which tbh I have never liked. It's grainy and grim and grotty and filled with people I never want to bump into but always seem to. HOWEVER, this resolution is to get out and about in that town, and find little spots I love. Cafes, shops, galleries, anything that may give me a new perspective of the town. 

Work out a reading timetable. Schedule ARCs. Branch out; try different genres and authors. At the moment I'm thinking I'll assign a different genre or style to each month...then blog about my findings and new faves, obviously. 

Clean start. I want to be more ruthless with my avoidance of dairy and intake of veggies, I'll continue drinking at least 1.5l of water a day because it feels damn good, and heck, I think I'll try doing that '1 Month Dry' booze layoff thing. Please keep an eye on my tweets for the cranky and hangry updates on this. 

Have more sex. Simple as. I was unwillingly celibate for most of 2016, and while I enjoyed the time to myself, well geezzz, a girl's gotta eat. 

Watch more films. I find myself avoiding committing to a film an awful lot because I'd rather browse online listlessly, check my YouTube subscriptions or binge on Netflix (which is often just as big a commitment but seems like less?!). My cinema trips are few and far between these days, which is a shame as I used to love them, they were like therapy for me. Also, friends are always talking about movies both brand new and old school, and I really should make more of an effort to follow up on their recs. 

Travel. I keep saying I'll do it, and now it's time to put my money where my mouth is and get those stamps on my passports. (If anyone wants to be a travel buddy of mine, by all means tweet me up!) 

Be mindful, or whatever. I'm late to the party, but I want to try everything I can to be more positive and comfortable within myself and grateful for life and yeah. That. 

There you go. My resolutions for 2017. I might have to do another thing I'd do in the early blogging days and update halfway through the year, saying where I've got and what I'm feeling about my goals. I feel good about it all. Let's hope my optimism lasts! 


  1. Happy New Year Grace! I love the feeling of positivity and good vibes the new year brings, but I am determined not to wait until a special time to manifest these feelings in 2017. I'm just going to try and remember to try and choose to do stuff which makes me happy and brings me joy! Oh, and I'm also going to do a writing masters so that's a challenge and a half. Michelle xo

  2. Happy New Year, lovely girl! You are NAILING the blog stuff lately, keep it up! It's one of my resolutions to watch more films too, so I look forward to reading your posts about your discoveries! xxxx



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