Hi, my name's Grace, and/or Gracie. 
Sometimes I really wish I could sing and dance, I've played badminton on and off since I was quite young, snail mail is the way to my heart, I have my eleventh tattoo booked in, venturing into Planet Organic both thrilled and intimidated me, Will Smith will always be my dream man, I'm sick of waiting on people, the bookseller's life isn't for me, 'This Is Us' has thawed out my icy heart, I'll always blog before I vlog, my parents and I recently decided that my car is gender fluid, I hate breakfast tea, updating my blog template has made me squeal with joy, I don't selfie that much, getting my legs waxed gives me life, I hate the texture of onions, my 3rd trip to Berlin is in 3 weeks, 2017 is going to be the year I do everything I keep meaning to, and it's about damn time. 

These very irregular posts are popular with followers now, and it's impossibly cute that y'all wanna know me a little better.


  1. I must admit it surprises me that bookselling isn't for you! But then again I know that the retail life has a way of stealing all the joy from something, so maybe not that surprised.
    Have a lovely Sunday. Aj xx

  2. That's so random!! "I hate the texture of onions." I don't like the word "grease." It's so gross!!


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