(More) Musings on the Bookmark Bar.

Some years ago, I wrote a little piece about a person's browser bookmark bar, and how it can actually reveal quite a lot about the person it belongs to. 

No, seriously. Think about it. The things we save on the internet for easy access, the things we check or use daily, are actually pretty personal. 

(Because a photo of my bookmarks bar would have been boring; here, have Harvey watching Newton Faulkner being beaut.)

My bookmark bar, for instance, features a few folders. One is entitled 'blog shit', and contains photo editor site PicMonkey, colour palettes for editing my template, the Etsy site I got my design from, and quite often I'll save a post I'm working on or reflecting on in there as well. 
Also DaFont, a site that sells designer fonts, which is where I got the gorgeous type my blog title is made from. 

Another folder is entitled 'Clothes', and it's a dumping ground for the many many beautiful outfits I see and then cry at because lol, my bank balance tho. I check the pages I save now and again just in case they are magically on sale for 70% off suddenly. I'll also often go into stores to try certain items on – so I'll know what size fits me best for when the sales hit, and I can order without hesitation. Yeah.

Now, the rest of my bookmark bar is less organised...and more, ermm, silly. I have my gmail inbox saved on there, for official writing business, and that's where the professionalism ends. I have the product page for a print 'Peacock in a Scottish Bonnet' on Alice Tams' excellent Birds in Hats website that I very happily came across via Emma Gannon's podcast (I'm waiting for a lovely little windfall and some wall space to allow me to purchase it). 

Then there's The Pool, a site I fucking love and need to get more involved with someday. 

I recently added my Ko-Fi homepage to the bar, please check it out if you fancy helping me with blogging expenses (e.g. postage for giveaways, £3 tickets to book events and, well, coffee!). No pressure, but I'm currently unemployed, so there's that (more details on that situation in time, guys. Please don't push. I'm laying low for now. Low, and poor af). I've only started it up recently, but the donations so far have shocked me to happy tears, I swear. 

And finally, All4's episode guide page for 'This Is Us', the first show in forever about love and couples and shit that has actually made me feel things.

I recently deleted a folder full of old friends' blogs – because it had been so long that most of them were inactive, oops – and am now needing to make another, crammed with the blogs I regularly follow and will retweet forev. I also would like to start looking at web comics again; xkcd used to be in my bookmarks, as did this other really cool one that I cannot remember the title of goddamnit.
Yes, those are my bookmark bar resolutions. Watch this space.

Also I feel I should mention the sites that I haven't got saved as bookmarks but don't need to because they automatically appear when I type a single letter into the search bar, e.g. YouTube, Netflix, Blogger, Twitter, y'know the standard stuff. 

What's in your bookmarks bar, my friends? Anything weird or...juicy? Do you agree, that it shows a lot about you - or disagree and hate me for suggesting such a thing?! Comment below or tweet me! Happy bookmarking! 


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