What I'll be reading in January 2017.

I will be sticking to a reading schedule this year. That's right, I said it – or rather, wrote it on the internet – and now I gotta do it. I won't tell you all what I have planned for each month, partly because I wanna keep the element of surprise and partly because I may change my mind now and again hehehe...but it'll be fun and hopefully shake me up a bit.

So, January is going to be Middle Grade Month. *cue endless excitable squealing*
I am so thrilled to be dedicating a whole month to this particular genre, as I feel it is so often overlooked in my reading life. I get so many gorgeous MG new releases and ARCs sent to me at work and at home, plus I'm always eyeing up the newbies in the 9-12 section at work as I shelve, and without realising I have been saving a lot of them up for this moment, this month! 

Some of my favourites from the world of 9-12 fiction that I have read in recent years and way back when would have to be: 'The Diamond of Drury Lane' by Julia Golding, 'Midnight for Charlie Bone' by Jenny Nimmo, 'The Girl of Ink & Stars', by Kiran Millwood Hargrave; 'Rooftoppers' by Katherine Rundell.
Then the obvious ones: A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, the Roald Dahl classics, and the Potters. Duhh,

Here are a few MG novels I intend to devour – or if I'm pushed for time, skim-read equally lovingly – over the course of January 2017.

'Maybe a Fox', by Kathi Applet and Alison McGhee.

Sylvie and Jules are the most inseparable sisters, but then suddenly Sylvie goes missing; a fox appears as Jules grieves, and their paths cross, fates collide.

I bought this novel on impulse – okay, fine, I was taken in by the gorgeous cover – before Christmas when I visited Winchester. I've always loved the Winch Waterstones – plural, there are two! – and the way they display children's books. 

'The White Tower', by Cathryn Constable.

Livy's best friend has died. She starts a new school, Temple College, while lost in grief. She has trouble fitting in, and finds herself stealing away alone in the night – to be on the roof of the White Tower.

I was sent this book by the babes at Chicken House, one of my absolute favourite publishers tbh, and again was bewitched by the cover as I opened the parcel. It's also immediately been stacked up prominently on a display table at work, so I know it'll be a good'un.

'The It Girl' series, by Katy Birchall. 

The story of Anna Huntley; super awkward, geeky, the last person you'd expect to see in the spotlight - and the last person to want to be in the spotlight. Then suddenly...thanks to her dad's romantic interests...she is. 

I was sent all 3 of these beauties from my pals at Egmont recently, and their vibrant colours are currently brightening my shelves up no end. I love them already. I will definitely be trying to read at least 1 of these this month. 

'Cogheart', by Peter Bunzl.

Lily's life is in danger; her father is missing and she's being stalked by silver-eyed men...she enlists the help of her friends Robert, the clockmaker's son, and Malkin, her mechanical fox, to investigate.

Well, obviously I absolutely have to read this book. It's taken me forever, and I'm so sorry, but I know it'll be worth it. It was a Children's Book of the Month at Waterstones, and I've heard amazing things about it from my blogger friends. 

Extra note: I recently treated myself, as I have intended to for some time, to the newest reprints of the Harry Potter series. Because the new covers may be the first ones I've genuinely loved; I mean, I love my original copies of course, with all their brilliantly clashing colours, but I want to retire those as classics and display these...and hopefully later in the year I will re-read them! 

ALSO, I will be running Twitter giveaways most months as well, offering lucky tweeters the chance to win a book I've mentioned in one of these monthly posts, and it's their choice which one! All that needs to be done to enter is retweet the original giveaway tweet, and follow me. Boom. 
Here's my giveaway tweet for this month...good luck, everyone! 

Right, the 2017 reading schedule is officially under way! Wish me luck, beauties. And let me know if you have read any of these books – or if you know of any I should be reading next! 

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  1. Fab picks! Would def recommend The It Girl series and Cogheart, in particular. :)

  2. The It Girl series sounds really good! Gonna add that to my never ending TBR. Haha. Good idea on dedicating a month per genre!!!

  3. I love the idea of dedicating a month to MG, a genre I hugely overlook! The It Girl series looks like it will be a lot of fun.


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