Hi, my name's Grace and/or Gracie. 

I'm finally watching some of those allegedly 'classic' rom-coms, when Ken Bruce comes on the radio I know it's time to get outta bed, coconut yoghurt is everything, I pronounce 'yoghurt' weirdly apparently, Ed Sheeran still gets me all tingly and emotional, being unfriended on Facey B hurts me more than it should, I go through arty-crafty phases, I love veggie Pret lunches, I could totally live in London and someday I will, 70% cocoa chocolate is my kryptonite, I sometimes miss studying, my taste in men is not improving all that much, emails bring me almost equal stress and excitement (more of the latter), I just want lilac/silver hair forever, red nail polish always seems super mature to me, I won a slut-drop competition at a cabaret night in Berlin, it's funny how gifted I am at only remembering the good, but I still wouldn't say I'm a full-on optimist. 

Thanks for reading these guys, it makes me well happy that you all want to get to know me (and my somewhat tamer kinks) a little better. 


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