Just 5 romantic moments.

This post was going to be entitled 'The Top 5 Most Romantic Moments of My Life', but I realised that although I may be tragically inexperienced in love and totally over-experienced in heartache, I still can't narrow down the snatches of romance in my life to just 5 ultimate #goals moments. So these are just going to be '5 moments'. Just 5 times that spring to mind as I sit here, on Valentine's Day 2017, in a busy cafe with an empty cup beside me, wondering how long I can justify sitting here without buying a refill...

5. When I watched my (very nervy) Grandad give a speech at his wedding anniversary party in the back garden of the bungalow, about being married 50 years – and how it's 'an achievement'. He read from a piece of paper and we all looked on from our tables on the tiny lawn, inhaling flowers, hands lightly touching the stems of our champagne flutes, ready to toast the happy couple.

4. One night in Fresher year I was up late watching sitcoms and YouTube vids and blogging and eating the entirety of one of many dark chocolate digestive packs that I kept in my top desk drawer. I then got a text from my FWB, who'd been at an awards ceremony all evening, saying: 'So...I'm in [your halls] in a suit.' I promptly dropped my biscuit, slammed the laptop shut and ran outside my flat in my pyjamas, barefoot, scanning the street and clutching my 
phone to my chest. He eventually appeared (turns out the text was a few minutes in advance to give me time to prepare for his arrival, he didn't realise how ruthlessly drop-everything-level infatuated I was with him) and after saying goodbye to the drunk friend accompanying him, we danced down the street between the flats, him softly singing That Song to me. The one he usually sang in the shower. 

3. Speaking of songs...a gorgeous fella, the one I was properly with for all that time, wrote a song for me. He wrote a couple, actually, but this was the first one I listened to – while waiting for a bus, after he'd transferred the demo tracks of the new EP to my iPod at my insistence – and thought 'oh, it's me', then melted inside, feeling like the luckiest fangirl in the world. That moment and those feelings are hard to describe, and still to this day I'll hear the song and feel the things and be transported back to the bus stop when I stood grinning to myself, earphones jammed in.
Listen to that bloody lovely tune (and maybe his many others) right here. #promo #yolo

2. When I met my first ever boyfriend's extended family for the first time (I think it was, anyway) at a fantastic garden-marquee-type party they hosted for someone's birthday (again, I think!? Guys, it was a long time ago). At 16, this was daunting af and for the beginning of the evening I was just a slightly overdressed bag of nerves gripping hard on a glass of wine and burning up under my makeup. Then he put an arm around me and started introducing me to family members I hadn't yet met...referring to me, with a little smile, as 'my better half'. I'd never heard that expression before, and while I didn't 100% agree with it, I really appreciated it.

1. When I got home from a long shift at the cinema – well I say home, it was the boyf's flat he shared with our lovely friends aptly nicknamed The Couple, but at the time it was a second home and a happy refuge of sorts – and he was waiting for me, a plate raised towards me in his hands. On this plate was a mug of decaf green tea and 2 dark chocolate digestives, the chocolate melting against the base of the mug. He'd bought that box of tea bags for me on a late run to Tesco a few days before, after I'd expressed intense sorrow that I couldn't have green tea in the evenings. He was good at little things like that. 


Right so, there you go. 5 moments, in no order, all significant - admittedly, some more than others. I freakin' love green tea. 

So that was unexpectedly nice but also a touch tough, for obvious reasons. I may post in the future with more of these type of moments – I mean, I'm gonna write this blog until I have genuinely run out of ideas, which will be when I'm dead – in case y'all liked this. I actually tried to write a post before this about my Valentine's Days, 2010-2017, but my goodness that sucked. Both emotionally and in terms of my writing. Like, wow. It hurt a fair bit, too. Whereas I felt this post could just be a simple celebration of love – and all those fools who have been unlucky enough to feel it for me. Plus my grandparents, one of the ultimate Mr & Mrs teams, methinks. 

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends. Spend it with those you love, if possible – and remember to love yourselves. Always. 

P.S. did you see this recent post and the accompanying Twitter thread? It may warm your hearts this Valentine's Day...

P.P.S. if anyone wants to be my Valentine, feel free to buy me a coffee... *grins bashfully*


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