What I read in February 2017.

Hey, book-loving friends! Hope you're all good and cosy. I tell you what, this month has been an exciting one for we bookish folk. Philip Pullman announced a new project, That Evil Guy's book was (finally) yanked from That Publisher's list, and the authors of Twitter had a hot debate about which Mr Darcy was best, Firth or Macfadyen! 

It's been an exciting month for me and my reading, too. In case you didn't see at the beginning of the month, February has been 28 days of exclusively non-fiction! And goodness me, it's been 4 weeks of laughing, learning and loving.

I managed to read 4 of the books I blogged about at the beginning of the month. Let's go through them now, shall we? 

'We're All Mad Here, The No-nonsense Guide to Living with Social Anxiety', by Claire Eastham. 

Yes. I have this - to a degree, anyway. Social anxiety. Mind you, I only have the slightest mildest touch of it, and only in specific situations - lucky me, seriously, because my goodness this book taught me just how bad it can be...but also how it can be managed and not necessarily cured, but definitely better understood. I loved this book, basically. And Claire is a brave and badass chick. 
(I'm still working up the nerve to publish my post on my social issues. Bear with.)

'Letters to my Fanny', by Cherry Healey. 

Another A* read. Seriously, such a good idea for a book - so good, in fact, that at first it scared me a little because surely something this bold couldn't be 100% perfectly carried off...could it? (It could. It totally could) I now want to befriend Cherry or at least go for bevs with her to discuss our private parts and skin routines and the daftest diets we've both tried. Reading the book felt like making a friend, really. Being reassured that everything would be fine, and we all worry about the same things - but also being booted up the butt because we have to sort some things out. 

...and my favourite line, the one I just had to 'gram, was: 'You are the only body part that I sometimes wish functioned less efficiently'. This was in Cherry's letter to her heart. 

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'Enjoy Sex (How, when and if you want to)', by Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock. 

This was a little more of a textbook-type read...but perhaps the friendliest textbook there ever was. Y'all know I am a big fan of sex, so I figured this book would a) confirm all the good tings I already knew and b) teach me some new tricks and maybe even a little history and science on the subject. I majorly underestimated just how packed this book would be. It was chill and gentle, and oh so informative! While reading it, I started listening to the authors' podcast as well as checking in on their website. Another couple of friends made, methinks. 

'Mad Girl', by Bryony Gordon. 

I can't even. I started this book midway through the previous one, as I felt I could dip in and out of a sex guide while this needed to be devoured pronto - much like the aforementioned magical Claire and her guide to social anxiety, I felt like this author, the delightfully witty and uber brave Bryony, became my friend not long after I started reading. I got her. That first chapter actually made my chest tight and had me feeling for her so hard. Some parts of the book were a blur, because I was so eager in my reading. 

Also I have to include this passage right here and put my hands up and say I DID THIS. My teenage diaries featured many many fantasy tales about my inevitable future super-stardom. I even copied journalist's names from magazines, for authenticity. 

Oh, and a rather sparkly curve ball was thrown in towards the end of the month, you guys...I got sent a proof of one of my FAVE bloggers' second book. Conveniently a non-fic, so naturally I had to read it ASAP before the month ended and I moved on to my next challenge! 

'Ice Cream for Breakfast: How rediscovering your inner child can make you calmer, happier, and solve your bullsh*t adult problems', by Laura Jane Williams. 

Laura Jane has been nanny to a couple of kids for the best part of a year, after deciding writing full-time wasn't ideal for her at least at that point in her life. In her experience nannying, she learned a lot from the funny little kiddies. A lot of it was shared on social media - to our utter delight, as followers - but the overall lessons of it all and full anecdotes we have yet to hear will all be within this shiny new book! Bring it the heck on. I have lost my inner child in recent years and so help me, I need it/her back. 


Now we are looking ahead to March 2017! The coming month's reading theme will be revealed soon. In the meantime, let's see who won my Non-Fic giveaway...

...so, after a month of it running and a lot of retweets, we have a winner. Picked with Tweetdraw, the winner of this bookish giveaway is...

Bex aka @MyShelfMyself, congrats! I will DM you so you can reply with your address! 

Thanks everyone who took part in that month-long giveaway, it was so fun to run. I'll be doing another in March I expect, when I announce that month's theme. Stay tuned! 


  1. I found some new books to put on my reading list so thank you!
    If you enjoyed "letters to my fanny" you might want to listen to The Banging Bookclub talking about it. They always pick books about sex and or feminism and I think it you might enjoy their discussions or their other book tips. All I have to do now is try to find Letters to my Fanny at a local library :)
    love, hope

    1. Oh sorry! I just realized it was only Hannah Witton that read the book and not the whole bookclub. Here is their page http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/179796-banging-book-club


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