What I'll be reading in February 2017.

It continues! My most excellent 2017 reading scheme. I would call it a 'challenge' but it's way too exciting to qualify as one, surely. And scheming is exciting, so...

In January, I read 9-12 children's fiction. It was fun, and actually not as easy nor as light-hearted as I'd thought it would be...? It was a totally worthwhile experience, though.
This month, I will be doing something completely different. I'll be reading exclusively non-fiction

I have accumulated a lot of non-fic reads over the past year – because almost every single one I've seen publicised online, or just quizzically picked up in a store, has seemed too good to leave behind. I've devoted 2 shelves in my beloved bookcase to memoirs, musings and informal dictionaries on certain key life issues and phenomenons...and I am such a sucker for specialised reads on mental health and sex. Which is why this month, I'll be delving into my non-fic TBR and perhaps prioritising the ones that specialise in all things mental and sexual. Ooh, err. 

~ Disclaimer: I am not guaranteeing I'll read all of these as unfortunately life stuff can stop me reading (if only sometimes), but these are all books I want and will try very hard to read. Okay? Cool. ~

First up, we have a recent purchase penned by one of my favourite tweeters: 'We're All Mad Here, The No-nonsense Guide to Living with Social Anxiety', by Claire Eastham.
I snatched up a copy of this book when it first landed in my former workplace, and have since seen it popping up all over my Twittersphere. 
Without even reading the first page, I know this will speak to me on so many levels. I also feel it must have been tough for the gorgeous Claire to write, because social anxiety is an absolute b-word and for some reason is still a taboo in many circles and places.
I have a touch of social anxiety. I'll write about it on this blog someday – but for now, I'm letting it curdle within me and coming to terms with it at my own pace. I mean, the fact that it'll take me a while to write a blog post about it surely shows how brave and excellent Claire's been in writing a whole damn book about her experience and advice for others!? Goddamn. 

Another read I'll be (finally) getting round to in February is 'Mad Girl', by Bryony Gordon. Bryony has OCD, and has kept it a secret for many years. Finally, she's speaking out and writing some hardcore truths about her experiences with this 'snake in her brain'. I am familiar with OCD, but have no personal experience with it and am desperate to learn more and better understand this hideous affliction. I shelved this book when it was first released, and its bright yellow cover has glared at me every day since - waiting to be read. It's only now that I'm devoting a month to non-fic, and with a dear friend recently diagnosed with OCD, that I am 100% ready to read it. And much like Claire's book, I already know I'll love this – and I admire the heck out of Bryony for writing it. 

~ My gal Hannah Billie Perry wrote a blog post about her love for this book ~

Next, if I'm not too frazzled after the major mental health learning that is gonna take place early this month, we have 'Get Your Sh*t Together', by Sarah Knight. I have actually only read a little of her debut 'The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck', before giving it to a friend who needed it as much as I did, but what I did read was excellent. Her lifestyle choices and messages to others in the same predicaments she once was, are just A* #lifegoals true say. 

~ Hannah Witton mentions this in her January Favourites video! ~

I'm hoping to grab sexual health non-fiction by the balls and read 'Letters to My Fanny', by Cherry Healey. 
I originally thought this book would be like another 'The Vagina Monologues' kinda thing, which it kind of is except it's about a woman's whole body and the lessons she's learned over the years spent not caring about it, and then caring hard for it. 
After years of selective neglect, I really know how important body love and self care is now, and I am all about celebrating and working on my bod. This sounds right up my alley (heh heh). 

~ The delightful Emma Gannon has talked about this book before, with the woman herself in fact, in a live podcast. ~ 

Also 'Enjoy Sex (How, when and if you want to)', by Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock. 
The tag line is: 'Plenty of books on sex suggest that it has to be done in a certain way, or in a certain kind of relationship, or with certain people. This isn’t that kind of book.'
...And just like that, I love it already! This book just generally seems sweet and informative and lovely, and I bought it on a complete whim - mixed with a good gut feeling - after seeing the authors' accompanying website shared onto my Twitter timeline. And now I've also discovered Dr Meg's site, Rewriting the Rules, so yes, that's made me v v happy too. 

And finally, I desperately want to knuckle down and read 'Big Magic', by Elizabeth Gilbert. The manual on living and working creatively that has got almost all my creative pals squealing and jumping for joy - and trying harder at life. 
I know, I know, I've taken too long and I'm late to the party and I need to get on it ASAP...well, hopefully in February 2017, I will manage it. 

~ Beautiful George made a video on this book and how it changed his life, aww ~

So, that's it! My rather heavy duty February reading list. Wish me luck, and please do let me know down there in the comments below or via tweet if you've read any of these non-fics, or if you are desperate to like I am! 

Oh, and P.S...this month's giveaway will be a copy of 'MAN UP', recently sent to me from Icon Books or the aforementioned memoir 'Letters to My Fanny'. Screw gender, pick which you'd like if you win! See below for full T&Cs...


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