Haikus; 1.

Very recently
I was taught how to haiku.
I was not that good.

I do keep trying
because isn't that writing?
Just keep keeping on.

What do I write, though?
What do you all want to know?
Don't be shy, speak up.

But remember my
limitations. Syllables
and yes, some key skill.

'Bear with me', she says
as if you are clinging on
Desperate for more.

I could write haikus
about my family home.
Would you like that, though?

I could write haikus
about London adventures.
I have lots of those.

I could write haikus
about my Instagram star,
Harv, that ginger cat.

I could write haikus
about my messy love life...
I know you'd love that.

This might be the first
in a series of short posts.
If you fancied it?

I love making things
I do it all the damn time.
It's just addictive.

'Do you know, my friends?'
I'll ask, most tentatively.
I seek solace, see.

I'd love to create
something beautiful in verse,
something brief and pure.

I'd like to invent
a joke, a thigh-slapping gag,
that folks would pass on.

Keeping things quiet,
quick, controlled, fresh and intense,
Can have an effect.

The aforementioned,
the effect, it's good, I swear.
It's new, a challenge.

Challenges can be
impossible/'totes hilar',
same as us, really.

(The picture is mine
taken today, on the beach,
stones I liked and kept.)


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