What I'll be reading in April 2017.

Right, so, April is upon us. I won't do the whole 'where is this year going omg' thing, because to be quite honest I am loving the frantic speeding of time at present. There are many things to look forward to in the next few months, and it's all getting a bit sweeter and prettier with each passing day.
Already the days are longer, the sun is getting higher, and even the darkness is warmer. I may sing – or just sit quietly making yummy noises. Yes, the latter is probably best...

A new month of course means a new reading list! Wanna see what I've got up my sleeve for April? (Spoiler: you do)

Okay then, I won't lie to you guys, I've been back and forth a lot with ideas for this month's strict reading schedule. There are just so many options! I'm still loving my super specific regime recently. It keeps me in check and I don't waver! 

Last month, I read exclusively Walker books. That was fun, and...young. All kids' books; picture, middle grade and YA, which was refreshing after February's venture into some intense non-fic tings. However, I now feel another month of youngish reading would be a bit much – perfectly fine and fun, just not different enough. I want to remember each month's reading patterns by the end of 2017, and so I need to keep things moving and changing. Y'know? 

So that's why this month, I felt it was time to read...wait for it...RECENT BOOKS BY AWESOME WOMEN, most of them with a SEXY TWIST, too. Mmm, good mouthful eh? And pretty damn specific. Win. 

First up, I'll be reading Hannah Witton's debut, 'Doing It'!
This book was sent to me by hot new Hachette imprint Wren & Rook; the place to go to find non-fiction books 'for curious and creative readers' – anything from infant up to teenage. I got a proof copy – with a most startling and amazing cover – and then a finished edition, too! Thanks, W&R. I think this is the beginning of something beautiful... 

Anyway, sorry, back to the book. 'Doing It' is about, you guessed it, sex. All of the sex. Sexuality, sexting, slut-shaming (*cough* magic numbers do not matter!), virginity (a topic I am mad keen on), puberty, consent, masturbation and orgasms (I'm pretty big on that, too). 
I am so excited to be attending the launch of this beaut of a book – and insanely proud of a certain friend who actually contributed to it! Hannah is currently doing a video countdown to the big day, and will be live streaming on the day. 

Also worth checking out: my lovely pals Jess @bookendsendingsLiv @livescape have already read this book! Click on their names to read their reviews. 

Next to read is 'Ice Cream for Breakfast: How rediscovering your inner child can make you calmer, happier, and solve all your bullsh*t adult problems', by the total goddess that is Laura Jane Williams.

I am crazed with excitement to be posting an awesome interview with Laura later in the month right before her publishing date, but let's have a quick look at the book before that, shall we? 
I have already started this book, some time ago – I couldn't not when the babes at Hodder sent it to me, omg – but have since been dipping in and out of it, because one of many great things about it is just that, you can dip in and out! And each chapter is like a beautifully wrapped box of treats with a shit ton of infinite enlightenment buried within. Laura basically tells us what the kids she nannied for a while taught her about life, and how she had to reconnect with her inner child in order to fix some of her adult frustrations. 

Laura's first book, a memoir entitled 'Becoming', was a transforming read for me. So as you can imagine I am beyond eager to delve into this new non-fiction of hers now.
* Stay tuned for more info and an interview, due up on the 19th! * 

Another author I have read and loved the word work of quite recently was the babe Bryony Gordon. Her recent non-fic, 'Mad Girl', was in my February TBR. I am now thrilled to say that I will now be reading her debut, 'The Wrong Knickers: A Decade of Chaos', after coming across it in a friend's bookcase (taken with permission, promise). 

The book is about Bryony's mad years as a twenty-something singleton in London – "The truth about picking up a colleague at the STI clinic; sinking into debt to fund a varied diet of wine, crisps and vodka; and how it feels when your dream man turns out to be a one night stand who hands you someone else's knickers in the morning." 
Well, I am sold.

Finally, this month I will hopefully be reading 'How to be a Grown Up', a debut non-fic by the epic Daisy Buchanan. I received this proof after a DM exchange with a babe at Headline, and my goodness am I excited to get Daisy's perspective on life, love, sex, all of the things!! 

I met Daisy once, only briefly, but I remember she shimmered with wisdom, had both feet on the ground (in sparkling trainer/heels, I seem to recall?!) – and was blessed with a hefty dose of sass. Basically, she's on the Best Friend Crush list. Up there with...well, with every woman whose book I'll be reading this month, actually. *happy sigh*

That's it! That's what I plan to read in April 2017. Oh, and I am also hoping to crack on with some more chapters of 'The Sex Lives of English Women: Intimate Questions and Unexpected Answers', a collection of personal essays I started last year and have been, yes, dipping in and out of ever since. God, I love dipping. Almost as much as I love devouring...

Now, that's really it. I swear. 
Have any of you readers got any of these books? If so, what did you think of them? Let me know via tweet or comment below, pretty please!

Happy April reading, y'all! 


  1. I've just started reading doing it by Hannah Sutton and I think it's great! It would be such an amazing tool for schools and the younger generation! Think I'm going to get a copy for my sister.
    Laura x


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