What I'll be reading in June 2017.

Happy June, my friends! This month, much like the last couple funnily enough, I seem to be utterly spoiled with spare time (aka, a lengthy recovery period, whoop whoop) and so this of course means a lot more reading will be happening than usual. Yes, it will. And possibly writing too...?! Let us hope! 

I have already been in and out of hospital twice this month (?!) and when I haven't been reclining in a sterile bed with nurses wrapping me alternately in velcro and rubber every few hours, I've been curled up on the sofa bingeing on books. (And Ru Paul. Omg.) 

I've given myself a theme for the month already, and now I'm making it official. June 2017 is... 

That's right. I'll be spending the next few weeks gearing up for the most magical time of the year – the last weekend of July, spent in Olympia at the excellent annual Young Adult Literature Convention

Last year I popped my YALC cherry, after months of hearing from all the cool kids just how pleasurable an experience it was, and yes after 3 straight days of hardcore book lovin' I did come away a bit dazed and sore...but I wouldn't have changed a thing. I will always remember that special time.
This year, however? It gets serious. I'm going to be scheduling better; booking in the best bookish hang times, coffee dates, workshops and drinks meets – and I'm going to be reading everything I possibly can before meeting authors and publishers and my fellow bloggers. It's crucial research, of course.

So far this month I have already read...

'The Loneliest Girl in the Universe', by Lauren James.

This book was NOT what I expected. Well, I mean, I expected nothing but the best, and that's what I got, sure. It is the ingenious Lauren, after all. But the plotting, the pace, the twists, the turns, the strong ass characters...The story itself?!! Sublime, yes. But also not what it may seem, that's all I'll say. (For a more coherent review, maybe see what I said on Goodreads...)
I must shoutout to my pals at Walker – they've done good with this. And here is my entry for their #theloneliestgirl competition

'Flight of a Starling', by Lisa Heathfield.

Once again, please refer to my Goodreads review for something a little more collected than what will be spilled out here, right now...
Lisa Heathfield's writing is like nothing I've found before. I have been fortunate enough to have met her – at last year's YALC, actually! – and since learn all about her creative processes. She's mighty inspiring. Anyway, enough about the awesome author, we gotta talk about the book. 

Loveable characters! I am exclaiming this as when I first started reading FOAS I panicked that there were too many of them for my mind to handle, but no, I got to know and love each and every member of the travelling circus gang. So much so that yes, tears happened when things began to unravel for them all...
The romance between Dean and Lo seemed simple but was...urgent. And it became instantly complicated, when it wasn't just the two of them. Then the sisterly bond between Lo and Rita was stretched to its limits when they were off the trapeze and out of their comfort zones. I felt every tension – and saw every trick. In and out of the big top.
I could go on and on, but I'll just leave y'all with my tweets after finishing the final page, shall I?

'How Not to Disappear', by Clare Furniss.

I cannot recall how this book came into my life and suddenly got comfy on my bookcase, but I am delighted it did. Oddly it was the length of the book that initially put me off (don't judge, I was poorly and frail at the time!) but after seeing several recs from my most trusted sources, I took the plunge. I needn't have worried – the story filled it all up and I found the lovely Lisa Williamson's cover quote to be absolutely correct; the characters jumped off the page. I definitely recommend this read for those of you who need a wholesome family tale, as well as some coming-of-age life crisis stuff. Plus some unfortunate romance – sweet girl likes stupid rebel boy. Delicious. Totally my jam. 
Finished this long read just today, and reviewed briefly on Goodreads

And now for some To Be Reads... 

I also recently, as you know, got on a massive Cat Clarke hype...and it's not over yet! The utter babe sent me two more reads from her backlist: 'Entangled', and 'Torn'! Safe to say I cannot wait to devour both - most likely within 24 hours of each other. Cat's writing has that effect on me. 

I also have (clutched in my hands, sore from their constant grabbing for this one) 'Moonrise' by Sarah Crossan. Just when I began to think my constant flirtation with this author bae of mine was not getting me anywhere, the total superstar that is Simon - oh, y'know Simon, the esteemed captain of the Big Green Bookshop, who began perhaps the greatest most magical Twitter movement of all time? - sent me a bundle of goodies and this bad boy was nestled in amongst them! Cheers, mate. I cannot wait to visit the shop, finally, when I am better! 

Oh right, anyway, 'Moonrise'. This the latest beauty by SC, written in her uniquely beautiful and celebrated verse, telling the tale of Joe and his brother, Ed - the prisoner on death row. Just reading the plot makes me completely certain that I will cry reading this book. Then I'll find Sarah at YALC and yell 'WHY?!' at her...just like I did last year, after reading 'One'

Now, there is much more YA reading to be done this month, and really it's quite fortunate that I can't move much, because I'm gonna have to really commit to the reading time...! I expect this theme will spill over into July as well, but I am planning for more variety in that month, just so I don't grow weary and tired of the endless YA (lol, as if). 

Next order of business: who's coming to YALC? If you are, please do comment and/or tweet me and we'll totally hang. Apologies in advance for my hysteria that weekend...


  1. I'm going to YALC (no idea when yet, can't make all three days so have to wait for the schedule) for the third time this year! Also planning on doing lots of YALC reading through June and July.

    1. YAY! I'm waiting for the schedule too, then actual hardcore planning can begin! Look forward to seeing you there perhaps! x

  2. It's my second time going to YALC this year too! I only went for one day last year and didn't know what to expect but I completely loved it (obviously! So many books!) so I'm going for all three days this year! Definitely trying to plan better this time though, lol. Love that you blogged about this, I'm always on the lookout for more YALC tips! Xx

    1. Same here! I went for 3 days last year though, dived in the deep end and it was madness. I loved it too! I'll post more practical tips closer to the day, don't you worry... x

  3. Coming from Dublin for my first YALC, super excited, will have to steal some of this plan!

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