Weekly warm 'n' fuzzies #2.

Every day lately I've been thinking how important it is to not just get happy, but to then stay happy. Grabbing hold of the good things, and sharing them with others, is a great way to do this.
So this week, the following things have made me happy:

Seeing my neurosurgeon and support nurse, two of the best humans I've ever met. Being told, again, that my misbehaving brain is 'stable'. Some really great coffee dates. A pizza with vegan cheese, made in a wood-fired oven behind the bar at the pub – by a very attentive chef – served in a cardboard box. The cat keeping me company all night long, snore-purring softly. Booking another tattoo with a lovely local artist. Meeting and chatting with a brilliant comedian who is delightfully rude onstage, and so far beyond sweet out of the spotlight. Staying up in my beloved Bethnal Green, for the first time in forever. A proper grown-up dinner with my favourite couple, after which I sat contentedly and quietly on the train home, happily all 'talked out'. Dad having to pick me up after missing my connection, this giving me unexpected time to chat with him, just us. Having my 'content' praised, and feeling so stupidly legit. A significant amount of the evening news suddenly being tennis-related. Visiting my secondary school, and chatting with my favourite teachers – trying, and failing, to call them by their first names, at their insistence. 

Stay happy, friends. Grab the good things and don't let go. 


  1. This might sound creepy, but is this in St Leonards? The shop opposite looks familiar! If so, we share the same corner of the world :)

    1. That's totally awesomely freaky, and not creepy! Yes indeed it is - the coffee shop is FIKA, lovely new place on Kings Road. xo

    2. Haha amazing! I've had a golden latte from there, I sat in the courtyard. It's so lovely!
      Are you from around here? I'd love to pick your brains at some point if you are over a tea/coffee if you would be up for that? I write a blog (mulberrygrace.co.uk) and I think I could learn so much from you! (I'll pay you in hot beverages) If so, maybe we could set something up via Twitter? I'm @emilybridger x

    3. Ooh, a golden latte sounds lovely. And yes, I live in cute little Battle! I would absolutely love to get a cuppa at some point - maybe at the fabulous FIKA. Just followed you, let's DM! xo


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