'Freshers'; my memories and a Floopy review!

My little sis Floop ('Fleur' to some, I guess) is 19 and therefore at 'Fresher age'. However, her educational journey has had many twists and turns, and she is actually about to start her second year of A Levels. She plans to attend university in Australia, our second home. She recently visited our family down under and checked out the uni she wants to go to, so naturally I lent her the hot new YA 'Freshers' for plane reading to get her in the mood and introduce her to the epic writing duo that is Lucy & Tom! 

[What follows is a transcript of me pestering little sis for a mini review. She was on the sofa under a blanket dozing at the time...I think she might have activated her Fresher mode already, tbh] 

So, Floop. What were your general feels when reading 'Freshers'?

'It was just really, like, real. There was no sugar-coating of things, and all the characters were really intelligent and witty as well. I think it's just a really accurate portrayal of people that – my – age, to be honest.'

Does it make you excited for uni?

'Yeah, for sure. It makes me excited for all the like, friendships and social life and stuff. Not the drinking part – but like, making really strong bonds with people? Because the friends that Phoebe made in the book sounded incredible. They were really supportive and fun.'

Were there any characters you didn't like in 'Freshers'?

'I hated Will, but everyone hated Will, so...'

Are there any lessons you've learned from this story – anything you now know to do or not to do when you get to uni?

'Join a Quidditch team, if there is one. Because it sounds pretty fun! I already knew all the bad stuff about drinking. And I think this story taught me that the friendships you make are more important than finding a boyfriend or whatever – and those relationships are more valuable in the long run.' 

And finally, what is your go-to hangover food?

'Toast. With real butter. And orange and raspberry juice.'

There we have it, folks. A little quick-fire question-type review of 'Freshers' – from a sort-of Fresher!

Being a Fresher was a pretty gruelling yet magical experience for me. I went out 4 nights a week, I was thrown unexpectedly into a world of casual relationships, I lived off takeaway pizza, and I drank a sh*t ton of fruity cider – and sometimes dirty pints out of welly boots. I made friends for life, and enemies for longer. I had my heart broken, my limits tested and my intelligence queried (not when I was in lectures, though – more like when I was weeping and throwing up cheap vodka in the SU toilets and then downing apple-flavoured shots with frisbee teammates at the bar just minutes later).
And y'know what? I wouldn't change a thing. In fact, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Because in all honesty, graduate life ain't what it's cracked up to be... 

(Grace, the Fresher. Complete with onesie and best friend's snapback cap)

If you're like me and miss those carefree, mostly-inebriated days of first year, then do grab yourself a copy of Lucy Ivison & Tom Ellen's 'Freshers'. Or if you're yet to experience all this magic, then maybe buy it to educate/prepare yourself? 

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