31 Days Grace: August.

Let me start by expressing my intense awareness of the fact that for my August wrap-up main post photo, I've gone with one of me. I usually will slap the month's name over the top of a fairly nondescript background; in previous posts I've used cafe walls, a busy bridge in Berlin, flowers on the pavement at my feet. 
A couple of my faves have been: the ceramic pot a good friend made me, and my family's backs retreating on the seafrontI find calm and clear works best; something flat for the text to overlap and stand out against. 

However, this month I've made myself the main feature. Because August began, as it always does, with my birthday, it ended on a massive high, and throughout the month I was loving and celebrating the messy masterpiece that is me far more than I have in the recent past. 

This photo is part of the perfect set taken of me by the flawless Faby & Carlo, for my newest baes (and workplace!) Scarlet Ladies' stunning, important campaign, I Talk Sex

I blogged about this campaign, and have been posting about it almost constantly on socials. My message as an ambassador for talking sex is, quite simply: I talk sex, because I love it. And that's okay. 

(Me, talking to 5News about my love of sex. No big deal, guys.)

So yeah, this project and new freelance gig has been a huge part of my August – but I did manage to do some other things, too...

On the 31st of July, my parents sat me down to tell me, finally, what they'd got planned for my birthday the following day. I found out we'd all be heading up to London in the afternoon – after a morning at my favourite cafe Beanzz, demolishing the amazing cake Leticia created for me!

(Gilmore Girls-inspired vegan mocha vanilla magic. I can't even.)

I then was told I'd be watching the Luna Cinema screening of my favourite film, The Princess Bride, in Embankment Gardens from 8pm with little sis. We'd be checking into a Travelodge in the afternoon, but had a few hours spare between that and the film – “so, we'll go wherever you want to go!”
The Natural History Museum!” I shrieked, instantly.
Mama & papa chuckled, “we knew you'd say that.”  

My new favourite things this month were...

My new succulent, Rizzo. She'll be replacing that silly other cactus I killed, whose name I can't even remember...it clearly wasn't meant to be. Rizzo however is gorgeous and vibrant and the perfect match for Kenickie, my first cactus. Plus she was only £2 at Tesco Express.

The Guys We F*cked podcast, with hilarious comedians Corinne and Krystyna aka Sorry About Last Night. They literally have sex with dudes and bring them into the studio to analyse the f*cks they had together, then discuss sex and kinks in general. I'm so happy to have discovered this 2 years after it began – so much catching up to do! I like to listen to these episodes while travelling between meetings in London...although my fellow tube riders often look at me funny when I giggle and snort.

Lush Life HQ, on Beak Street in London. I've been lucky enough to visit my excellent gal pal (and whip-smart Social Media Manager) Lex there a couple of times recently, and every time I've wanted to hang out all day, every day. It's such a sexy office. And their tea collection is unreal. 

The Museum of Transology exhibition at Brighton Royal Pavilion & Museums. Reading other people's stories and seeing the art and beauty they'd made from such deeply personal things was beyond inspiring. 

Lush's Love and Light hand cream. I put it on every morning as part of my post-shower moisturising routine, and then every night before bed. It's yummy.

The little Bullet Coffee cafe in Hastings, at the end of Robertson Street – where all the best indie cafes, bars and restaurants are starting to appear, but these guys have been around for a decade! I had the best lunch date there with Emma M recently, and cannot recommend their courgette and leek fritters enough. Veggie squeals aplenty! 

A favourite person this month was...

Two people combined, again: RYLO.
These two, Ryan and Louise, my OTP, came to stay for the bank holiday weekend, and I was so happy to take them around my home town(s) and try new places for food and drink with them both. Among other things we climbed a cliff, had Turkish tapas, visited Hastings' Secret Beach and ate dairy free zingy lemon cake with my fam in the garden. Bloody lovely.

And the exciting news this month was...

I started my job with Scarlet Ladies! For the past almost-fortnight I've been managing their Instagram and Facey B; scheduling posts, following only the sexiest accounts and interacting with fans. The #ITalkSex campaign also launched mid-August; we chatted with the press, had drinks with members, handed out free sex toys...and featured on 5News online. No big deal. 

I bought 3 books. One was the hardback special edition of 'Milk and Honey' by Rupi Kaur which I talked more about in this Rapid-Fire Book Tag post; the other was Adrian Mole 1&2 which I bought from the babes at A Great Read in prep for my re-reading month! I also treated myself to a local poet's collection I unearthed in Oxfam Books Brighton.

I of course received some excellent books, too. My favourites included 'This Book Will (help you) Change the World', by Sue Turton and 'The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night' by Jen Campbell (blog posts on both of those to come soon, methinks!). 

I drank 52 cups of coffee.
My favourite cuppa was in Brighton at a cute one-off cafe, in the seasonal yet unexpected sunshine, giggling at a 'not today, Satan' tattoo that a super cute dude got without knowing the context of the quote. 

I attended 1 bookish event! At the wonderful aforementioned Lush HQ, London; the Lush Life folks celebrated Matt Haig and his latest bestseller 'How to Stop Time' (see my blog post all about that gorgeous book HERE). 

Right so, August has been eccentric, expensive, educational and exciting. Some other highlights include having my Tarot cards read by a batshit crazy old Kiwi lady, revisiting the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour as a whole family birthday present (I got to open the doors to the Great Hall, and yes I cried), lunching at Carmelite House with two of my favourite publicist pals, and impulsively (/drunkenly) booking flights to European cities – ooh my September, you'll be a fun one! 

Hope you all had a lovely August too. I know September can seem daunting, but we got this. Haven't we?  


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