Hi, my name's Grace. I also answer to Gracie.

'Sass' and 'savage' are two of my favourite words at the moment, nobody makes me laugh as much as I do, that pot of mango chia seed mix topped with coconut shavings you can get at EAT is my latest bizarrely specific foodie obsession, someday I want to live in a totally different European city, I've fancied Reggie Yates since his days on DIGGIT, I actually love travelling by train, I eat eggs almost every day and they're the only thing stopping me from being 'full vegan', I really appreciate a good pun, my new little convertible laptop is my baby and his name is Kirk, I passionately believe that American dramas and sitcoms should only be permitted to run for max 5 series, I'm having plastic surgery next year, I've realised I look better and feel sexier with this extra chub on my hips, crunchy peanut butter is the best kind, I used to do these posts once a month, then whenever I remembered to, now whenever I feel like it.  Today I am lecturing First Year Creative Writing students about blogging and in 8 days I'm flying away to the other side of the world, all by myself, for 8 weeks - it's actually happening, at last - and my 2018 is already looking pretty f*cking amazing. 


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