Freaking talented arty people I love very much.

There are very few things I'll splash out on, online. I can honestly say I've never gone on an ASOS shopping spree; I don't habitually splurge in the LUSH Christmas sales after the 25th, nor do I fill up a digital basket with Shop Dixi jewellery...I mean, not that much...

However, I must admit nothing has me reaching for my card as quickly or as often as a gorgeous Etsy art page. 

I am fortunate enough to have found and followed some truly excellent artists on Instagram and Twitter. I've even befriended some of them, and they're all so angelic I could not be happier to have their work adorning my bedroom walls.  

This post is just going to be a shout-out to some of my favourites - and a feast for your eyes, no doubt! And of course if any of you readers want to recommend any artists you follow and love, please do comment or tweet me!
So here they are - in no particular order...

(Photo: my bedroom wall, taken by little sis Floop, on my request from the other side of the world.)

Kelly Hughes @ My Fair Pixel.

This gal is a witchy, fine line delight. Simple as. I look at her work and I almost drool with temptation. 
Sadly, I cannot possibly share something she's recently created for me - maybe after Christmas...! Instead, take a look at her other prints and admire, as I do, the insane detail.

...she's also announced she's creating an Oracle Deck!? I never knew I needed one until now, tbh. 

Here's her Etsy page - treat yourself, witches!
Also catch her on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


Charlotte McIntosh @  Sister Fox Illustrations.

I was lucky enough to win one of this lady's famous family portraits last year. I have always admired her wedding couple illustrations, newborn celebrations and pet portraits. 
She pretty much nailed the four of us Latters, so I then knew she simply had to do a commission of our family cat, Harv. Her portrait of him has been my phone home screen for the past year. 
Then a while ago I asked her to make a unique brooch for my good friend Emma; one of the lovely old school tattoo-style heart ones she's brought out recently, with the name of Emma's sadly departed dog written across it. I was so excited to give it to her, and of course she adored it. 

Her Etsy store is here, but be warned: you'll need absolutely everything.
Also see her FacebookInstagram & Twitter.


This gal was one of the first I found and immediately followed on all social platforms, a couple years back now. 

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She's got one of the most unique - and feisty! - styles I've ever seen, and after getting a gorgeous black and white portrait from her last year, of course I had to jump on her Cyber Monday deal yesterday to grab some more prints. 

Find her fabulousness on Etsy here.
She can also be found on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
And, no big deal, but she was totally featured on HelloGiggles last year.


Fleur Latter @ Quotes in Colour

This excellent 19-year-old started creating beautiful works of art a short while ago; she paints simple or intricate designs in watercolours, then writes quotes, lyrics and poems that have inspired her on top.

Yes, I may be slightly biased as she is my little sis, but I honestly love the work and am delighted to have my own unique pieces up in my room now. And, y'know, to have one of my quotes feature in her grid...

Find her on Insta right here (I'm trying to convince her to set up an Etsy!).


Rosie @ Rosebud Casson.

I stumbled across this utter babe when I was searching for the perfect present to thank Mama for taking care of me while I was ill. I am such a sucker for a perfect pin badge - I have a whole 'collection' of saved images on my Instagram, ready to purchase as and when I get a nice little windfall or tell relatives to buy me for Christmas - and her little Ernie the Bee set was a dream come true. 

I now have my eye on her waxing/waning moon necklace...and the blue whale pin...! 

A post shared by Rosebud Casson (@rosebudcasson) on

Buy all her magical goodies in her shop - you know you wanna!
And find her on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


Jessica Gutteridge @ Heart Shaped Bones

I found this gal's blog first of all, and fell in love not just with her writing, but her rad photography and killer style, too.

Of course, I bought a commission portrait from her soon after realising she was an insane artist. And I couldn't be happier with the style of it! 

You can buy her artwork and clothing on Witch Crafts.
And her Instagram is totally lit.


That's all of them...for now! I'm sure I'll remember more later and do a follow-up post. Also, if any of you want to shout-out some of your favourite artists I can find online, please do! I am always looking for more badges/prints/bags/jewellery......!

(Veronica Dearly, another excellent small bizz genius artist yay)

Ooh look, I am posting this on Small Business Saturday in the UK!
What a happy coincidence.
Treat yourself right now and celebrate with me, plz? Cool.


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