Grace's Great Voyage Down Under, Week 6: the very fun but un-festive run up to Christmas.

In case you missed my posts so far in this series, I'll reiterate the key point I cannot seem to say often enough: I am not a travel blogger. 

However, I really want to share some things about my recent travels. 

I’ve decided to write posts in the future about my trips to various Other Places – but not necessarily the way a seasoned traveller and blogger might. I’m going to write about specific things, moments; some will exist in a big compilation post while others may stand alone. For instance, if I had an especially magical dinner date, or discovered a secret spot nobody had told me about, or even just had a conversation with a native (of which I have already had many, in Australia!), then that might exist in its own post.

The sky seems bigger here; the stars are backwards, but brighter. The blues are definitely deeper. 

I'm getting so used to seeing people wandering around town, or in queues at cafes, wearing loose T-shirts with towels wrapped around their waists.


We're having a delightful coffee in 3 Beans, Broadbeach, after Mama got her nose pierced. I can't help but giggle when the gorgeous black barista woman (grey braids that bounce against her back as she moves behind the bar) tells me their wifi password is 'buyacoffee'.

Me, with the coolest koala in town.


I felt nauseous one day as soon as I woke - I suspect the red wine the night before had a hand in that... So when we all went for a coffee that day, I passed on the usual long black and opted for 'The Jagger' smoothie. Apple, orange, pineapple and watermelon - plus ginger, which was the crucial ingredient. 


I am forever in love with the Australian accent, don't get me wrong - I love how one regularly hears the words 'too easy, mate' thrown around, and 'ya little ripper!' shouted on the radio - but I am starting to miss that sensible British sound...

My brand is on point.


An old couple come up from the beach, off the sand and onto the pavement that borders the patches of green; the kids' play park, public toilets and seating areas where families gather for barbecues. 
   He gets under the shower, leans his head back and quietly yells 'aww, beauty!' as the water soaks his thin, salt and pepper hair. 
   His wife - slightly stooped, tiny waist, frilly red and white polka dot bikini - asks 'is it cold?!'
   'No no, it's warm. See, the water (worr-dahh) runs up under the sand? On the beach? Yeah. So warm water (worr-dahh) comes out.'
   She narrows her eyes at him, but steps under the high, fixed nozzle. He presses the button, and turns to wiggle his eyebrows conspiratorially at us, as we watch them...and as the water hits her she screeches 'YOU MUCKER!!'

Mama, with her bestie from Police Academy '84.


Having a $5 Happy Hour glass of 'Pino Gridge' with little sis, at the snazzy bar on the corner of Connor Street. Talking about a friend I lost, many moons ago. Getting cross as I recall the let downs and rudeness that led to our friendship's demise - when we hear a shy 'toot' and turn to see our hot rod hire car cruising past, and the parents leaning out the window, waving. 
:) :) :)

The view from Mount Gravatt was pretty alright. The coffee up there was good, too.

Cracking open my window before bed, because the air con AND fan aren't doing the job in the nighttime heat. I can hear drunk pals yelling and slapping backs in the bar below me, and cars whooshing by, no doubt running through the ambers as everyone seems to here...and the distant, but persistent, chattering of the little birds that fly in groups after dark and boast the most brilliant rainbows in their feathers. Goodnight, everyone.


  1. Wow, this is the first of your not-a-travel-blogger posts I've read and I have to say I love it! The little snippets from your days are quite beautiful and really seem to come to life. I especially enjoyed the bit with the older couple and the shower - that's the type of romantic relationship I strive for. Looking forward to the next one <3

    Asti |

    1. Thank you so, so much Asti. You're angelic. xo


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