Tiny everyday body lovin' tips.

I recently got to be a guest on the marvellous podcast hosted by two Australian book-loving boss ladies, Better Words. My first podcast! It was a very exciting experience, and a real honour. Caitlin and Michelle talked to me about books (obviously), my travels, my blog, more books, freelance work, sex, and more books. I could have chatted with them forever! 
You can find the episode here, and the notes here. Be sure to check out and subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform you use!

One of my favourite questions I was posed when the angelic BW gals were interviewing me was about my body positivity. Michelle and Caitlin asked how I came to be so outspoken about loving my body, and if I had any tips for others who were struggling with finding that positivity in their own skin. In response to this, I, ermm….kinda rambled about my own journey, and gave hardly any helpful tips for others. Safe to say I’m furious with myself, and will be rectifying that now with this post, in which I’ll be giving out actual, practical, helpful and gentle tips for building up your body confidence and comfort! 

(Photo: Erin Veness)

Take a look at yourself, just for a minute, most days.
I read somewhere recently that a body image experiment was conducted somewhere in America a few years back, in which women were asked to stand before a mirror and stare at themselves for a full 30 minutes (or thereabouts). They got every kind of woman in; every shape and size, every ethnicity – and they even managed to pull in some supermodels for the cause. This proved interesting, because the sociologists who ran the tests noticed that it wasn’t exclusively the women who some would argue were ‘average’ who struggled to do this seemingly simple task they were set – the supermodels also started to twitch, fidget and tear their eyes away from their reflections after just half the assigned time had elapsed. And these are the women many people aspire to look just like. Turns out, they’re insecure and maddened by their appearances at times, too.

Every day, I take time – usually in that sweet spot after my morning shower, before dressing and getting on with my life – to look at myself, take it (ME) all in, and find things I love in amongst the things I’d happily change if given the chance. And I always find more magic than horror.

Touch yourself. (no, seriously. Touch yourself.)
Yes, I do mean that way. Because how else are you meant to find out for yourself what you like, what you want and ultimately how you get off, but also because it’s comforting, empowering, fun and an unreal release when you’re tired, stressed out or just need some natural happy chemicals to explode in your brain, mmm.
But I mean it in the most literal sense, too. Just...touch yourself. Rest your hands on the tops of your thighs as you walk down the street; feel up and down your forearms as you stand in line at the checkout, rub your belly before you fall asleep (and if you do, make sure it’s in a *clockwise* motion, as that helps your bowels move!).

'Tidy up'.
Paint your toenails. Brush your hair. Trim your pubes! Moisturise your legs, top to bottom. Just...tidy things up.
Never feel obligated to do any of these things, though. Not if it’s not your vibe. By all means, grow your leg hair long (as I do) and abandon efforts to paint any part of yourself if you’re not excited to, or get no thrills from any of it.

Take care of your body, and be in touch with it. Do what you feel makes it extra fabulous. Show it some love, and you’ll get all the grateful energy back.

(Photo: Erin Veness)

Wash/moisturise mindfully.
I only recently started moisturising my entire body, not just my face, and let me tell you it is a beautiful experience. Not just because my skin feels soft and my clothes slip on easier after I do it, but also because I get an opportunity to feel myself and appreciate each body part as I rub cream into it. Y'know?

Also, Mindful Showers have become a thing lately. I know showers are usually where we all solve our major life problems, have imaginary arguments (which we win) and plan the day ahead - but it can also be the perfect time and place to absorb ourselves in...ourselves. Keep your mind in the moment, on every little thing you do. And then if you don't get the chance to be mindful for the rest of the day, it's fine!

Make notes.
If you’re like me, and love scribbling things down to carry around or pin on walls – or bury away to look back on in many years time – you’ll like this little tip.
I have heard lots of body loving talk suggesting that writing down your favourite and hated parts of yourself on Post-Its, then sticking them to your mirror and slowly taking the bad ones down and adding more good, day by day, will help with your positivity. I personally find this a little more effort than it needs to be, but to each their own. I’d recommend just jotting down what you feel looks great, in that particular moment, on that particular day, in a diary that never leaves your bag or on scraps of paper to stow away in safe places for reflection later on. Because one day might come when you aren’t feeling utterly fabulous, and you need reminding. Reminding that you’re a total stunner.

Right, that’s all my tips – I mean, I could go on forever but these are just the most basic and lovely to get on with for now.

If anyone wants any more, or maybe has any of their own to share, do comment below or tweet me. I cannot get enough body love.


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