Recent Reads #8: the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of 2018.

Hello, book lovers. So unlike last year, I won't be sticking to any particular reading schedules for the next 12 months - and let me tell you, the feeling of freedom is pretty sweet. I of course took full advantage of this new variety in reading, and so far this year I've read a non-fic, a crime novel and (obvs) a massively hyped YA. I'll be keeping these Recent Reads posts regular from now on, and am always open to recs and suggestions for my To Be Read list! 

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1. 'Life Moves Pretty Fast', by Hadley Freeman. 
The lessons we learned from eighties movies - and why we don't learn them from movies any more.

This excellent non-fic treat has not only awakened me to the many marvellous messages that can be found in this magical era of movies, but has also inspired me to watch MORE of them. It is now my mission to make 2018 The Year of the 80s Films. Check in with me in December, and ask me how many I've managed to watch?!

The writing was super intelligent, if slightly (wonderfully) fangirlish; every theory and observation about a film or genre or star was referenced perfectly and had actual scientific backup.

(I had the smaller UK (?) edition of this book to begin with, purchased in the hometown a year or so ago, but while in Aus I found a bigger and sexier edition tucked away in a second hand bookshop - so I swapped copies with them!)

2. 'Sharp Objects', by Gillian Flynn.
Mentally awry journalist Camille Preaker is sent on assignment to her hometown, to cover the murders of 2 preteen girls. Once there, she must face some demons in the forms of her batsh*t mother, and b*tchy half-sister.

I've been told by many bookish friends that this novel is better than her most famous 'Gone Girl' - so of course I was intrigued. 
I enjoyed this book...I think. It took a while to get through, as I found it a little troubling and I'm not usually a crime reader so the plot didn't quite land. However, I raced through the very end and was satisfied with the outcome. 

3. 'This Raging Light', by Estelle Laure.
Her dad went crazy. Her mom left town. She has bills to pay and a little sis to look after. She's crushing on her best friend's twin brother. Safe to say Lucille is in a bit of a pickle...

This YA proof has been sitting in my room for *years*; as I was doing a clear out of the shelves (and a mental purging of my TBR) I flicked through a few pages just to be sure I wanted rid of it...and I was hooked on the gorgeous words.

This was a quick read, but the subject matter was anything but easy. I was not totally happy with some plot points (or the outcomes), but the narrative voice was lovely. I am hoping to get round to Estelle's sort-of follow-up, 'But Then I Came Back', soon. Hopefully this one won't take me the best part of 2 years to get round to...!

What have you all been reading recently? Any recs?
And do you have any tips for demolishing my TBR, ASAP?
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  1. I read Sharp Things a couple of years back and the teeth still haunt me. That is the one with the teeth isn't it?

  2. I've had This Raging Light on my shelf for years too! I really should get around to reading it!

    Sarah x

    1. It's lovely! Definitely worth a read. I'm giving away my proof soon, and reading the follow up! xo

  3. It's so lovely to be able to read what you want when you want it. Sometimes you aren't in the mood for certain books, and to go with your heart/gut is just such a fulfilling feeling :)

    1. Hell yes! I liked the organisation of my reading last year, but am so happy to have more freedom now. x


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