My name's Grace. 

My current Netflix addictions are 'Queer Eye' and 'Suits', I desperately want to travel around Europe this summer, Quorn vegan smoked 'ham' slices are magical, I haven't worn dangling earrings for years, kissing means a lot to me, I have a perfectly shaped skull, I'm actually in the latest issue of Blogosphere Magazine, I'm every kind of petty, Meghan Markle's gorgeous smile makes me want to cry, I believe in energies, I can't sing, nurses tell me my skin is especially thick and my veins are deep, I am a happy drunk, photography fascinates me, and I hate Ross Geller.

I've recently raised over £3,500 for The Brain Tumour Charity 
and over £400 for my local counselling charity by shaving my head. I'm up for the former's Influencer of the Year Award, and I'd really love to win it. Vote for me, maybe?  


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